Ferd AS chooses Ignite Procurement for Sustainable Carbon Management and More

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We are thrilled to announce that Ferd AS, a leading Norwegian investment company committed to sustainable development, has chosen Ignite Procurement to manage its CO2 emissions and supplier due diligence social risk assessments.

Tackling Carbon Emissions Across Scope 1, 2 and 3​

Carbon accounting is becoming an increasingly critical component of companies' strategies, as stakeholders demand transparency and accountability for environmental impacts. However, despite the growing attention, many organizations struggle to establish an effective and efficient process for tracking and reporting their carbon emissions due to lack of standardized methodologies and frameworks, complexity and variability of emissions sources across industries, and the need for robust data management and analysis capabilities. Additionally, companies may face difficulties in collecting reliable and comprehensive data from their operations and supply chains. ​

These challenges may seem overwhelming, however, implementing a robust carbon accounting process can provide valuable insights into emissions hotspots, help identify reduction opportunities, contribute to achieving sustainability goals – and does not have to require a significant time investment.​

We spoke with Lene Aronsveen, Senior Financial Advisor at Ferd, to get her perspectives on these challenges and why they chose Ignite to address these. “The Ignite platform makes it easy to identify and categorize emissions based on our ERP-data and work more systematically with the most important emission categories,” .says Lene

What challenges or needs are you aiming to solve with Ignite?

“We are using the CO2 module in Ignite to gain a deeper understanding of our emissions and implement measures to reduce our footprint in the future. Having initiated reporting on Scope 1, 2 and 3 across Ferd's portfolio, it is also natural for us to report on our own numbers and consider measures to reduce our own emissions.

"In addition, we have also started using Ignite’s Supplier Management module to enable robust and efficient supplier due diligences, especially to address the Transparency Act focused on basic human rights and workers rights. Furthermore, we will also deploy the procurement analytics capabilities of the solution to address spend more systematically”, Lene says. ​

Why did you choose Ignite Procurement?

“We chose Ignite because the platform provides us with a great overview and rich analytics capabilities, as well as having all data collected in one place - which is the best starting point for actionable analyses and covering all emission categories. The fact that the system supports us in several areas of our sustainability activities was an important factor in our decision, combined with competitive pricing compared to other suppliers in the market. The Ignite platform contains a lot of automation and will make it easier for us to follow up both CO2 emissions and the social risk in the years to come.​

The buying process was professional and together with a thorough understanding of our needs and the opportunity to test the system in advance, made us confident that Ignite would support us in our sustainability efforts. Sequentally, the onboarding led by a Customer Success Manager from Ignite quickly understanding our data and operations, enabled us to get started quickly – which was further accelerated by their plug-and-play integration with Xledger”, Lene explained.

Sigbjørn Nome, co-founder and CEO at Ignite Procurement comments: “We are excited to welcome Ferd AS to the Ignite Procurement family and particularly to support them in their sustainability efforts. It is refreshing to see companies like Ferd take a proactive stance in managing their carbon footprint and supply chain risk through innovative solutions like Ignite Procurement. We are proud to partner with a company that puts sustainability on top of their agenda, and we look forward to working closely with them to achieve their goals”​

About Ferd AS

Ferd is a leading Nordic investment company headquartered in Oslo, Norway. The company was established in 2001 and has a portfolio of companies in various industries such as energy, real estate, finance, and technology. Ferd has a strong commitment to sustainability and actively works to integrate sustainability into all aspects of its business. For more information, visit Ferd’s website.


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