Ignite Procurement Enables Moreld to Harvest Group Synergies

We are delighted to welcome Moreld, an international industrial conglomerate owned by HitecVision, as one of our newest customers.

Moreld starts using Ignite Procurement across the group

Empowering spend visibility and collaboration across the group

Adequately managing spend across several companies is quite challenging for most procurement teams. These types of challenges are even more common for newly established or consolidated groups, where existing systems and solutions may differ throughout the organizations. We had a chat with Rolv Martin Hagen, Head of Supply Chain at Apply, a Moreld company, to get his perspectives on how Ignite Procurement helps support their needs.

Ignite Procurement is user-friendly, flexible, and gives us a complete overview and visualization of our spend data across the entire group, says Rolv Martin Hagen, Head of Supply Chain at Apply.

Why did you choose Ignite Procurement?

- As a newly formed, diverse, and innovative group of companies, Moreld recognizes the potential benefits of performing spend and procurement analytics across all group companies. Ignite Procurement is user-friendly, flexible, and gives us a complete overview and visualization of our spend data across the entire group. The enrichment of supplier data provides a multitude of opportunities, such as harvesting optimal group synergies and identifying potential supplier collaborations and supplier risks.

What challenges or needs will Ignite Procurement help you solve?

- Collecting, harmonizing, and classifying an annual spend of NOK 7 billion requires a structured approach and a powerful tool. With Ignite Procurement, we have found both the insight needed to facilitate such a task and the tool to make it possible. The spend management solution ensures we have detailed information and cross-group procurement analytics at our fingertips. Using spend analysis to drive cost reductions - while adhering to our values and ethics without compromising delivered quality - is our primary focus. The solution will also help us share supplier experiences and capabilities across the group and reinforce the collaboration between the Moreld companies.

Ignite Procurement

- Moreld will be the preferred partner for our customers in the transition towards a sustainable future. The cooperation with Ignite Procurement ties in nicely with our values, commitments, and strategic foundation built on sustainability.

About Moreld

Moreld is an industrial group created through the merger of a collection of service companies with roots in the North Sea offshore energy sector. The group has approximately 3,300 employees across the globe, located in 19 countries.

Established in December 2019 by HitecVision, a Norwegian private equity investor, Moreld is the result of nearly 15 years of investing in, refining, and growing over 20 standalone companies, many of which are niche players, into market leaders within their respective sectors. Today, the group offers comprehensive services to the offshore energy, renewable, marine, aquaculture, and onshore markets.

As the energy sector prepares for a transition towards a low-carbon future, the group aims to establish itself as a leader in providing end-to-end sustainable solutions to all energy industries.

Learn more about Moreld on their website.

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