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Six Ironclad Tips to Organize Your Company’s Procurement

Businesses nowadays are emphasizing upon the importance of organizing procurement functions. Why? Because effective and efficient procurement can be the difference between a company’s astounding success or downfall. Most of you must be convinced or are already looking out for ways to organize procurement functions for your business. Here are our six expert tips to help you start building a modern procurement function.

The Journey From Transactional to Strategic Procurement

When a procurement organization's vision does not look beyond savings, the chances of getting stuck in a tactical shell increase. Sometimes, transactional issues might appear critical for operations, but in reality, they are short-term and with limited impact. To realize its full value potential, procurement must overcome its evolutionary tactical barrier and become a more strategic function.

Procurement Analytics: A Powerful Step Every Leader Should Take

You have all heard about procurement analytics and the enormous gains it can bring to your company. You also know how important it is to acquire data analytics skills and bring them into your decision-making for being an efficient leader. Still, there is something that blocks you from taking that first step towards your procurement analytics journey. If it is so, then you are in good company. This article will share procurement expert Kjetil Istad's views on what straightforward steps leaders can take to substantially outperform their industry and competitors.

New Partnership Announcement: Ignite Procurement and Enin

Ignite Procurement and Enin Team-up to bring data-driven supplier management to Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and Finland.

Ignite Procurement is Happy to Welcome its New Summer Interns

Yes, they are here! Meet these young and brilliant faces who will light up the summer weeks at our Oslo office.

Employee Spotlight: Andreas Ståleson Landstad, Group Product Manager

New surfer on board at Ignite Procurement