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Six Tips For Organizing a Procurement Function

Based on our experience, we have compiled six specific tips that can be helpful in building a modern procurement function.

Contract Follow-Up is Vital For Realizing Savings

Managing your contracts and improving compliance is essential to ensure that savings are realized. It also drives supplier collaboration and helps avert conflicts during the contract period.

Negotiation - an Underestimated Strategic Lever?

You can use multiple levers to reduce your procurement costs. One commercial lever, often referred to as a "quick win", is to renegotiate your existing contracts.

Six Tips For a Successful Negotiation

Through multiple procurement projects, we have participated in hundreds of negotiation meetings with suppliers, providing us valuable insight on how to ensure a successful negotiation. In this article, we share six practical tips on how to secure sustainable, long-term results from a negotiation.

How to Use Bundling to Drive Procurement Savings

Bundling is an important commercial lever to reduce procurement costs. In short, bundling refers to securing standardized contract terms with the same supplier across the business, or consolidating spend with one or fewer suppliers than the status quo.

Creating Value Through Strategic Procurement

The procurement profession is characterized by many different concepts and terminologies. Strategic procurement is one such term. Our experience indicates that there are some questions about what strategic procurement is and how this can help create value.