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How to Identify Savings Opportunities: Renegotiation

Procurement analytics comes in many shapes and forms. Let us take a look at some analyzes that you can use for identifying renegotiation opportunities.

Four Procurement Analyzes to Identify Savings Opportunities

The procurement function is constantly under pressure to reduce costs and realize savings throughout the business.

What is Spend Analysis

Ultimately, spend analysis is about gaining the necessary insights to drive fact-based, smarter and sustainable procurement decisions.

10 Common Procurement Challenges

Spend often represents a significant proportion of the costs for most companies. Our experience indicates that there is a large untapped potential in procurement, but also several challenges in how to realize it.

8 Benefits of Procurement and Spend Analytics

Working data-driven and fact-based with your procurement costs is crucial to identifying and realizing savings.

Creating Value Through Strategic Procurement

The procurement profession is characterized by many different concepts and terminologies. Strategic procurement is one such term. Our experience indicates that there are some questions about what strategic procurement is and how this can help create value.