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The 20 Most Important Procurement KPIs to Drive Value

Not sure how to choose and set the right KPIs for your procurement organization? Here we are with some guidance as well as 20 most important procurement KPI examples that you can use in your company.

5 Major Procurement Trends to Watch for in 2022

2021 is soon going to be over. Though there is still enough time left for surprises to unfold, most of us would agree that this year has been more stable and less erratic than 2020.  Does that mean there is nothing new for procurement? No new challenges, changes, or trends? Well, if you ask us, we would say it is only a matter of perspective. 

The Journey From Transactional to Strategic Procurement

When a procurement organization's vision does not look beyond savings, the chances of getting stuck in a tactical shell increase. Sometimes, transactional issues might appear critical for operations, but in reality, they are short-term and with limited impact. To realize its full value potential, procurement must overcome its evolutionary tactical barrier and become a more strategic function.

The New Darwinism of Procurement: Turn Strategic or Disappear

2020 has been a year that has made companies across the world completely rethink the way they do procurement. As opposed to the common belief that the pandemic has made the environment more challenging, in reality it has made the need for procurement transformation all the more critical.