It is time to turn strategic, smarter and data-driven with procurement.

Want to see how an easy-to-use and powerful solution can take your spend management journey to the next level?

Organizations that adopt a strategic and data-driven approach to spend management realize business value much quicker than those that do not. But, for most organizations, spend functions get concentrated and locked in specific silos.

Break out of these spend silos with a competitive spend management tool that integrates with your current technology stack to gather and centralize data from various sources and transform it into actionable insights.


Combine diverse data sources into a single view

360° visibility is crucial for digital, intelligent, and data-driven procurement. Ignite Procurement gives you unparalleled levels of spend visibility to help you tighten control across direct, indirect and CapEx expenditure, suppliers, and contract base.


Connect, clean, and convert your data into actionable insights

Better results start with better decisions. We believe the pursuit of strategic decision-making begins with clean data. Leveraging artificial intelligence and natural language processing, Ignite Procurement helps you overcome your data challenges and become more proactive and confident with your decisions.


Holistic supplier and contract management

Ignite Procurement’s data management makes it easy for you to keep your contract and supplier data up-to-date. Our Procurement Analytics and Contract Management solutions create a centralized hub of procurement information to deliver faster and better insights.

Strategic Procurement. Digital. Data-Driven. Smarter.

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Strategic and data-driven procurement is no longer a luxury; it is a necessity to thrive and take your procurement functions to new performance heights.

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Ragnar Furu,

Chief Procurement Officer,  AF Gruppen

Ragnar Furru - AF Gruppen

«Ignite Procurement helps us manage our spend, making it easy to work fact-based with procurement across all our business units and categories»

Jan-Bjarne Aas,

Procurement Manager, Firesafe

Jan-Bjarne Aas, Firesafe

«Ignite Procurement provides us with spend overview and perspectives across the entire group and national borders in which we operate»