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Valdemar Rolfsen

Valdemar Rolfsen is the new CTO in Ignite Procurement

Sigbjørn Nome and Børge Langedal

Venture investors SNÖ and Arkwright X invests in Ignite Procurement

Ignite Procurement and AF Gruppen

Bootstrapped procurement solution became an investor favorite

Ignite Procurement - VEXT competition - 3

Ignite Procurement positioning itself for global growth

Ignite Procurement - VEXT competition - 2

Finansavisen Vext episode 9 - Ignite Procurement

Sigbjørn Nome and Frank Bødal - 2

Growing start-up: This is how we targeted the public sector

Sigbjørn Nome and Frank Bødal - 3

Winning public contracts as a start-up company

Sigbjørn Nome and Frank Bødal - 2

Sykehusinnkjøp starts collaborating with start-up despite global pandemic

Ignite Procurement wins VEXT

Ignite Procurement wins the award for Norway's growth (VEXT) company 2020

Financial news

Sigbjørn Nome, CEO, interviewed in the financial news

Sigbjørn Nome and Frank Bødal - 3

Start-up company develops procurement solutions and wins public contracts

Ignite Procurement team September 2020

Ignite Procurement's recent growth and future plans to raise additional capital

Ignite Procurement - Investordagene 2020

Ignite Procurement founder: – We saw that you could save hundreds of millions