10 summer interns in Ignite Procurement

10 Summer Interns Ready To Rumble

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Ignite Procurement is proud to announce that it is moving ahead with its annual internship program and has hired top students from recognized Norwegian and international universities.

Although the COVID-19 pandemic has brought many challenges to multiple industries, staffing being among them, Ignite Procurement has not only increased its workforce but has also decided to move ahead and honor its promise to the next generation of professionals.


Projects With Clear Objectives and a Lot of Responsibility 

With a wide variety of projects planned this summer, from targeting new markets to improving AI and ML capabilities in our spend management solution, we are confident that it will be an exciting time for the interns. Our ambition is to let students work on projects that are challenging and educational while providing them with the support they need to excel. 

The main goal, as always, is to facilitate smarter, data-driven and sustainable procurement decisions for current and future customers.

The projects they will be working on this summer include;

  • Classification, tagging and forecasting: Use of AI (Artificial Intelligence) and ML (Machine Learning) to enhance automatic data cleaning, classification and tagging, in addition to build forecasting features.
  • Assessment: Built-in feature for conducting, analyzing, and managing assessments, e.g. internal user surveys or external supplier self-assessments.
  • Digital tender: Feature for conducting time saving, smarter, and fully digitized tenders
  • Mobile app: Launch MVP of mobile application to support information sharing across the organization, e.g. contract details and user feedback surveys.
  • US market: Target potential customers in the US market, e.g. industries, sectors, and companies.

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All in all, an exciting summer ahead - so stay tuned for future updates! PS. Don't forget to scroll down for a short bio of all the interns 👇

Agnes Hjeltnes

  • Agnes Hjeltnes, 20 years old
  • Industrial Economics and Technology Management, NTNU Trondheim
  • «I look forward to learning a lot this summer, but I'm also excited about putting theory learned at school into practice»


  • Amund Eggen Svandal, 20 years old
  • Applied Physics and Mathematics, NTNU Trondheim
  • «I can't wait to see the project I'm working with go live, and how it can help our customers in their procurement efforts»


August Sandal Rolfsen

  • August Sandal Rolfsen, 23 years old
  • Economics and Business Administration, NHH
  • «I'm eager about applying my skills for creating good forecasting models that can help create value for our customers going forward»

Caroline Vo

  • Caroline Vo, 21 years old
  • Information Technology, OsloMet
  • «I'm excited about working on challenging projects, gaining experience, and getting to know all the people at Ignite»



  • Henrik Høiness, 23 years old
  • Computer Science, NTNU Trondheim
  • «I look forward to further developing the opportunities that lie within big data through ML and AI capabilities»



  • Jens Odegaard, 22 years old
  • Economics, Yale University
  • «I'm excited about having the opportunity to help establish Ignite as a stalwart of the procurement industry in the United States.»

Magnus Le - blog

  • Magnus Le, 23 years old
  • Information Technology, OsloMet
  • «I'm stoked about being able to help build and launch Ignite's first mobile application as well as learning new, innovative technologies»

Markus Malum Kim

  • Markus Malum Kim, 23 years old
  • Computer Science, NTNU Trondheim
  • «I'm super excited to be a part of a young, agile, and innovative environment, and help create value for our customers»


  • Mons Erling Mathiesen, 24 years old
  • Engineering and ICT, NTNU Trondheim
  • «I look forward to challenge myself by developing something tangible for our customers, and take pride in everything we do accomplish»


  • Mathilde Marie Solberg, 20 years old
  • Industrial Economics and Technology Management, NTNU Trondheim
  • «I want to challenge my problem-solving abilities and elevate my development skills in a young and ambitious company»