Team Ignite Procurement 2021

A Deck of 44 Aces and Counting!

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The best part about being a fast-growing organization is adding new and unique talent to your expanding team. This summer, Ignite added thirteen exceptional members to its deck of aces. Now we are 44 and counting!

Summertime undoubtedly is the best time of the year. Especially this year, when the pandemic kept the entire world indoors for a lot longer than any of us would have imagined or liked, summer knocked our doors with all the goodness it can bring — making the world a lighter, better place to be.

For us at Ignite, this summer was all the more special as, along with the summer freshness, we welcomed thirteen new and exceptional talents to our expanding team. If you want to get a glimpse of how fast we have been growing, we have been hiring one new person every four days on average in the past few months.

So, before introducing you to our new employees, take a look at how welcoming, fun, and adventure-filled their week had been at our Epicenter, Oslo office.

welcoming-week-epicenterPicture Credits: Epicenter, Oslo

A purple balloon arch awaited the aces, with bug delicacies and cupcakes to soar up the summer spirits to the next level.


bug-cakes-to-welcome-ignitersPicture Credits: Epicenter, Oslo

And the final flourish was an ode to our dream team and a summer filled with smiles, zeal, and ambition: our trip to the majestic Drøbak fjord, a town right out of the fantasy world, surrounded by the azure North Sea, where the sun never sets.

Look here, how our hats fly,
high up in the sky;
as high as our dreams,
to hail our new team.


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Keep reading this post to know more about our new joiners or if you think you are that must-have ace for our deck.

Martin Lund Haug, Software Engineer


Martin Lund Haug

I joined Ignite because of its talented and ambitious team. Moreover, it is very inspiring to contribute on the journey to one of Norway's most exciting start-up companies. I see great potential for companies that want to bring the advantage of data-driven decision-making to the B2B market.

Haug graduated from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology with an M.Sc. in Cybernetics and Robotics. Before joining Ignite Procurement, he worked as a part-time software engineer at Schibsted while working on his master thesis.

Haug enjoys playing football and tennis and has a heart for running, often while listening to podcasts. Depending on the season, Haug also likes hunting in the mountains and skiing.

Maud Rødsmoen, Data Scientist



It seems like many companies do not use their data for decisions yet, but the good news is that there's a company that aims to make that very easy.

I always wanted to join a young company that holds great potential to grow. And Ignite seemed like that perfect opportunity to fulfill my dreams. My initial impression of the people here was that they were energetic, motivated, and inventive; after being here for just two weeks, I would add that they are also great fun at the parties.

Rødsmoen has recently graduated from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim, with applied physics and mathematics. Rødsmoen is looking ahead to put her years of theoretical math education to good use and learn a lot of new things from her latest role at Ignite Procurement.

Rødsmoen is also a chess player and has participated in both national and international tournaments. She wishes to continue her chess magic once the world opens up again. Before joining Ignite, Rødsmoen worked as a chess commentator for TV 2, something which she and we all find unique and exciting. Besides chess, the other hobbies that suit Rødsmoen are soccer and running.

Johannes Giercksky Nilssen, Software Engineer

Johannes Giercksky Nilssen

The main reason I joined Ignite was that I knew there were many smart and enthusiastic people working here. Joining a rapidly growing start-up also seemed like an exciting challenge.

Nilssen holds a masters in mechanical engineering and computer science from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. Before starting his masters, Nilssen attended military school for two years.

Nilssen inclines towards arts and music and likes going to galleries and concerts on the weekends. When it comes to sports, he enjoys running, especially during summers and cross country skiing in Norwegian winters.

Hans Christian Hagen, Tech Lead


Hans Christian Hagen

I was looking for a startup where I could build cool stuff (with cool tech - I'm not touching Java with a 14ft pole) and have an actual impact on the stack.

Hagen's love for technology made him select it as a career when he was just eighteen. If we trace back his love even further, this young tech prodigy built his first PC when he was just twelve (with a bit of help from his dad, as he says). Since then, Hagen has been working with networks, system development, and all things tech.

When talking about hobbies, Hagen calls himself an avid guitarist or otherwise instrumentalist and dedicates a lot of his spare time to rock shows and beer.

Inger Løvoll, Product Designer


Inger Løvoll

I joined Ignite because of my first impression of the company, which was that the people here seemed great and that I would be able/challenged to develop as a designer and learn something new every day. And I was right.

Løvoll holds a degree in Animation and game development, which paved the way for her previous stints: a couple of years in the film industry, first as a set dresser assistant on one of the Flåklypa movies later as a coordinator. When one of her colleagues at the Flåklypa set suggested trying her luck as an interaction designer, it took Løvoll almost four years to follow that advice. After two years as a coordinator there, Løvoll left the job and moved to Bergen, where she spent her year developing a game and working small jobs. Later, Løvoll started her studies to become an interaction designer. After a summer internship at Vipps, she joined Ignite Procurement as a product designer.

When asked about hobbies, Løvoll says she is an extrovert who enjoys being around people and having conversations. "A random encounter with a stranger on the bus can be as meaningful to me as a good discussion with friends over a beer," she says. Besides being a gregarious designer, Løvoll loves movies, art, music, and cooking Korean delicacies.

Mathias Backsæther, Data Scientist


Mathias Backsæther

I wanted to join Ignite Procurement mainly because of the amazingly talented people that I can learn from and be part of scaling a SaaS company. When it comes to the potential of the procurement industry, I hope increased supply chain visibility will significantly impact sustainability and ethical trade going forward.

Backsæther spent a year in the armed forces at the Norwegian Home Guard's officer candidate school before pursuing MSc in Nanotechnology at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. During his time at the NTNU, Backsæther was a part of Revolve NTNU - a student group designing, manufacturing, testing, and competing with electric (and autonomous) race cars.

Backsæther has a long list of hobbies, from bouldering to playing video games, reading science fiction, and watching SpaceX's Starship rocket development.

Erlend Dahlen, Data Engineer


Erlend Dahlen

The main reason I joined Ignite is the people here. During my time at NTNU, several of my friends were doing internships at Ignite, and they all talked so highly of Ignite, especially the people working here. More broadly, I believe aggregating and analyzing large amounts of data will become increasingly important in the coming decade, and Ignite is perfectly positioned to do this in the procurement industry.

Dahlen holds an M.Sc. in Cybernetics and Robotics from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. During his time at the NTNU, Dahlen had been active in the student groups like Verdi and UKA. Before joining Ignite, Dahlen did internships at Imatis, Yara, and Ragnarock Geo. Dahlen has also conducted one year in the military at Officer Candidate School before pursuing his masters at the NTNU.

Dahlen calls himself a big fan of staying active and thus, routinely runs, bicycles, skies, and goes to the gym. When not breaking a sweat, Dahlen loves to read books and feed his overgrowing interest in finance. In addition to all this, Dahlen also is an active volunteer of a small clothing brand that promotes mental health awareness.

Theodor Astrup Wiik, Software Engineer



Compared to my previous work experience, Ignite feels much more like a team than a company. It is a social and caring group of people who all want to help build this company, making the work feel purposeful. Together, I hope Ignite Procurement can make the Procurement industry sexier!

Wiik holds a background in Computer Science from Georgetown University and the NTNU. In the fall of 2019, Wiik did his internship at Ignite Procurement and has also worked at companies like DNV GL, Simula, and Cognite.

Rowing is Wiik's passion, and he has been doing it since he was 10. Talking about feathers on his rowing passion, Wiik mentions his proudest moments as winning the US Collegiate National Championships for Georgetown University in 2016 and representing The Norwegian national team at the U23 World Championships and World Cup in 2017. When not rowing or working, Wiik enjoys playing music and wishes to see Ignite start a company band.

Mons Erling Mathiesen, Data Scientist


Mons Erling Mathiesen


I believe a company is as good as its employees. I joined ignite because of the people; the people here are capable of anything, and that’s what motivated me to start here.

Mathiesen holds a degree in Geomatics from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology.

Mathiesen describes hobbies as something that rushes adrenaline through his veins. With hunting and bouldering as his choice, we can not agree more. Besides, his philosophy of happy times includes a rush of adrenaline, a company of good friends, and a platter of good food.

Henrik Høiness, Tech Lead


Henrik Høiness


The strategic procurement market is young. It is both exciting and maturing. The market has tremendous potential, and initiatives such as Ignite are highly interesting for VCs and can significantly impact the future of procurement. That said, my biggest motivation for joining Ignite is the incredible talent among the team, and I feel motivated and proud to be a part of this journey.

Høiness is a Computer Science graduate with a specialization in Artificial Intelligence from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim and UC Berkeley. His previous experience is from companies like Yahoo!, Microsoft, Nabla Flow, and research for Multimedia Research Group at UC Berkeley. This year, he wrote his master thesis on Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Simulations and Wind Flow Assessment Using Generative Adversarial Networks.

Høiness likes to stay active and enjoys most of the physical activities and sports. "I am always up to work out, climb or play, e.g., squash, golf, or padel," he says.

Erik Oscar Bøe, Data Scientist


Erik Oscar Bøe


I think many companies would benefit greatly from looking at procurement more strategically. Therefore I found Ignite very interesting and with much potential to grow. Also, it is very motivating to work in a scale-up where you feel that you have a tangible impact on the company's product and know everyone.

Bøe holds a Masters in Applied Physics and Mathematics from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, and his hobbies include running, reading, and playing football. 

Tord Haflan, Software Engineer


Tord Haflan


I believe that with globalization, the competition in every industry is getting harder. Additionally, with a growing focus on sustainability, companies need to be more conscious about choosing their suppliers. I think these factors are vital for today's procurement, and that is where Ignite can make a difference.

Haflan holds a Masters in Industrial Economics from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. Before joining Ignite, Haflan did internships at Forte_ Digital and Arctic Securities.

"I love doing all kinds of sports," says Haflan. From tennis to surfing and cross country skiing or cycling, he enjoys it all. When not doing sports, he loves watching sports; a true sports fan, we must say. Aside from sports, Haflan also enjoys cooking and hanging out with friends.

Einar Nordlund, Software Engineer


Einar Nordlund

The most important reason why I joined Ignite was the way we work here. The development philosophy, flat structure, few meetings, modern and dynamic tech stack, and of course, the talented and driven colleagues. All these factors combined make Ignite a fascinating place to work.

I didn’t know much about the procurement industry when I started. But I’ve come to understand that there are immense opportunities in this industry, both in terms of creating value and saving costs. Creating value for customers is also something that makes Ignite an exciting and motivating place to be.

Nordlund is a Software Engineering from the University of Oslo. Apart from that, he served in the Norwegian armed forces for four years.

Nordlund's hobbies are running, cycling, cooking, and programming. He also plans to get a dog in a few weeks.

If a fast-growing, adventure and funfilled startup full of young and talented individuals sounds like the place for you, then you may want to explore the opportunities at Ignite. Head to our careers page or hit this link to learn more. 

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