Finansavisen Vext episode 9 - Ignite Procurement

Finansavisen Vext episode 9 - Ignite Procurement

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In the search for Norway's next growth company, Ignite Procurement has been selected by Finanavisen and Vext. We're honored to be recognized for our efforts in strategic procurement, and excited about what's to come!

Press: Ignite Procurement, a spend management solution to make strategic procurement easy has been chosen by Finanavisen and Vext as they search for Norway's next most promising entrepreneurial initiatives.

Ignite's vision is to facilitate the conversion of data into insights and results through - among other things - automated analyses, data enrichment and negotiation packages - all with the aim of freeing up time and contributing to improved profitability for its customers.

You can watch the episode of Ignite Procurement in the Vext competition on Vext: Posisjonerer seg for global vekst (article and video in Norwegian).

Curious to see how Ignite can make your company's procurement more strategic and easier? Click the link below.  

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