Growing start-up: This is how we targeted the public sector

Growing Start-Up: This is How We Targeted the Public Sector

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Ignite Procurement has recently been awarded a public contract valued at 2.8 million kroner, thereby providing the company with an initial foothold in the public sector market.

Press: Anbud365 recently met the CEO, Sigbjørn Nome, and the Chief Marketing Officer, Frank Willie Bødal, of Ignite Procurement to uncover how only a little-more-than-a-year-old startup is already well on its way into the heat of public clients.

Ignite Procurement, formerly Ignite Analytics, was founded in 2016 by two procurement experts, Sigbjørn Nome and Børge Langedal. A year later, the company launched its first product targeting the private and public sector. Ignite Procurement now employs 20 people.

"We experienced that there was a lack of good and user-friendly digital tools for effective data consolidation and harmonization as a basis for fact-based analyzes. The product we developed provides, among other things, the ability to collect, store and analyze purchasing data in a cloud-based tool. This applies, for example, to which suppliers you have had before, price and delivery information, follow-up of agreements and contract loyalty. Our solution provides a factual basis, helps the client to better understand their needs and quickly lays the foundation for strategic analysis and procurement assessments. Ready to make strategic choices," says Nome. 

Precisely statistics and factual basis are a recognized weakness in public procurement. In a few years, the requirement is that the entire procurement process must be digitized. 

"We currently have several agreements with public clients. We have not lost any competitions so far. For many public players, our prices (and the contract value) will mean that you are below the threshold limit for open tender competition. We firmly believe that our product - constantly under improvement and development - is and will remain competitive. We have a product that we think most slightly larger clients can benefit greatly from," says Nome.

You can read more about how Ignite Procurement targeted the public sector in Anbud365: Offensiv gründerbedrift: Slik vant vi innpass hos det offentlige (article in Norwegian).

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