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Ignite Procurement: – We Saw That You Could Save Hundreds of Millions

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"We saw that you could save hundreds of millions," says Sigbjørn Nome in an interview with Finnaavisen. The CEO and co-founder of Ignite Procurement, Sigbjørn Nome, sees several challenges with the way companies resort to making procurement decisions. He believes that Ignite Procurement could be the ultimate solution.

Press: Ignite Procurement founder Sigbjørn Nome sees several challenges with the way companies resort to making decisions in the purchasing area. He believes the company he has been involved in starting is sitting on the ultimate solution.

In 2016, Nome and co-founder Børge Langedal started what has today become Ignite Procurement.

The founders of the company that won Finansavisen's Vext competition this spring previously worked in Boston Consulting Group (BCG) as consultants, where they worked computer-driven and strategically with purchasing.

The duo gradually built on the team, got OBOS and AF Gruppen as pilot customers and further developed the product. Today, they have customers in both the public and private sectors - both in Norway and abroad.

The company is currently in an escalation phase. It may soon have 30 employees, close to 40 customers.

We believe that purchasing is underinvested among the companies out there, says Nome, who believes they have a globally leading product within the segment. He further adds, "We see several challenges with the way companies use to make decisions in the procurement area. Many companies do not use data. They feel that they steer blindly and have little influence on business. Some use Excel, it is time-consuming and challenging and not suitable for collaboration. Some use their own solutions, while others use consultants, which is also expensive and does not further develop the company. And data shows that the market for strategic purchasing solutions is growing rapidly. We believe a SaaS solution focused on strategic purchasing will give the best result at the lowest cost."

Our CEO and co-founder presented Ignite Procurement at Investor Dagene 2020. You can both watch his presentation and read more the full article on Finansavisen: Gründer: – Vi så at man kunne spare hundrevis av millioner (article and video in Norwegian).

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