Ignite Procurement positioning itself for global growth

Ignite Procurement Positioning Itself for Global Growth

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After a successful start in Norway, the company is now entering into Nordic cooperation with Deloitte.

Press: Ignite Procurement has had a rapid development globally and has now entered a partnership with Deloitte, one of the largest consulting companies in the world.

Ignite Procurement aims to create global visibility and expand internationally with this partnership.

Ignite was founded in 2017 by Sigbjørn Nome and Børge Langedal. Together, they developed a product that makes it easier for companies to optimize their procurement processes and turn data into insights and results with automated analyses, data enrichment, and negotiation packages. With this partnership, Ignite will be able to get an even better foothold in the Nordic region while they also get access to Deloitte's many projects globally.

"What we see is that the tool they have developed will give us a good value in what we will deliver to our customers. It will facilitate the previous manual analysis job, and it will ensure that we get more precise analysis," says Karl Martin Karlsen, Director of Purchasing and Logistics at Deloitte.

When Sigbjørn Nome and Børge Langedal left Boston Consulting Group, they wanted to use the experience they gained there to help companies all over the world cut costs.

"We took with us the experience from BCG's consulting projects to build a digital procurement tool, a software and platform that facilitates companies to work strategically be fact-based with their purchasing. So that they can improve profitability and save time in their day-to-day tasks," says Børge Langedal, Chief Revenue Officer and Co-Founder at Ignite Procurement.

The company has significant growth ambitions, and in November SNÖ, Arkwright X, and Investinor gained ownership through a share issue that valued the company at NOK 56 million.

You can read more about how Ignite Procurement is positioning itself for global growth in Finansavisen: Posisjonerer seg for global vekst (article in Norwegian).

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