Mersalg Joins Ignite Procurement to Address Åpenhetsloven

Mersalg Gruppen Joins Ignite Procurement to Address Åpenhetsloven

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Ignite Procurement is proud to announce that Mersalg Gruppen has chosen its digital solution to ensure compliance with the Norwegian Transparency Act or Åpenhetlsoven.

We are proud to welcome Mersalg Gruppen, a nationwide sales organization, as one of our newest customers to the Norwegian Transparency Act or Åpenhetlsoven.​ This law was enacted in July 2022 to promote respect for human rights and decent working conditions and applies to around 9000 larger companies domiciled in Norway. 

The Act sets out several requirements, including a duty to provide information and a duty to carry out due diligence, which must be described and made public by 30/06/2023.

For several businesses, this has brought challenges related to how to address the process, how to carry out due diligence, and finally, how to report on this.​

The Transparency Act is demanding—but can be addressed efficiently with digital solutions. We're happy to help you meet your obligations under this law!

We sat down with Egil Grendstad, CFO of Mersalg Gruppen, to get his perspectives on these challenges and how Ignite Procurement enables them to address these. ​

‘‘Ignite provides a simple and good overview of our suppliers, including social risk mapping, and takes care of the basic structure needed regarding reporting on the Transparency Act.’’

What challenges or needs presented by the Transparency Act are you aiming to solve with Ignite?​

"As the Transparency Act impacts many companies, we anticipated that software and solutions would be available to address common challenges across the companies affected by the new law. We collaborate more or less with the same suppliers across our group; hence we were looking for one common solution to address this efficiently," says Grendstad.

Why did you choose Ignite Procurement?​

"Ignite Procurement provides a low entry threshold to give you a quick start on the Åpenhetsloven. You'll have everything you need in one place, including an overview of your suppliers and their status, as well as templates and law-firm support to guide you through the reporting process", Grenstad explains. ​

‘‘With the Transparency Act, Norway is a frontrunner in ensuring businesses safeguard and promote basic human rights and decent working conditions. We are proud to deliver a digital solution developed with subject matter experts at Advokatfirmaet Føyen, which both contributes to responsible businesses winning and that we enable companies to efficiently ensure that their supplier base is sustainable. We are humbled by Mersalg Gruppen and almost 50 other businesses that use Ignite to address this new law - and look forward to mutual success in the future.’’

About Mersalg Gruppen

Mersalg was started in 1994, and since the beginning has been a nationwide sales organization. In2018, Mersalg became part of Consivo Group, which is the Nordic region's largest supplier of sales and marketing services. Mersalg works both with national and international customers, independently or as part of a Nordic collaboration through the Consivo Group.​

Mersalg has offices in both Trondheim and Oslo, where our administration and management are located. Their sales managers, salespeople, and product promoters live all over the country, divided into several sales teams.​​

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Ignite Procurement's solution can help your business with meeting its obligations under the Åpenhetsloven. To try our solution or know how it can benefit your business, please click the link below. 

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