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New Partnership Announcement: Ignite Procurement and Enin

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Ignite Procurement and Enin Team-up to bring data-driven supplier management to Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and Finland.

Oslo, Norway; June 30, 2021: Ignite Procurement - a leading digital solution provider for spend management - has announced a new partnership with Enin - a company that delivers solutions to analyze companies using structured and unstructured data - to harness the power of AI and equip their customers with relevant and timely insights to:

  • understand the suppliers,
  • identify and select new suppliers based on their financial performance and risk, and
  • mitigate risks in the current supplier base.

Data is fundamental to any procurement process. The ever-changing technological landscape, competition, globalization, and disruptions have highlighted the need for robust, complete, and quality supplier data.

Ignite Procurement has developed data-driven solutions for Supplier Management, Procurement Analytics, Data Management, Contract Management, and Category Management. Partnering with Enin will give Ignite's customers access and insights into substantial supplier-related flags like recent high-risk events, crises, and ownership/set-up changes. This critical data will help Ignite's customers in keeping their supplier information up-to-date, complete, comprehensive, and ready for a dynamic and complex market.



"Being data-driven is an essential component of our value proposition of making strategic procurement easy. We have entered into a partnership with Enin to deliver relevant insight to our customers in a market where new sources of information - locally and globally - are crucial for strategic decisions," Sigbjørn Nome, Founder and CEO, Ignite Procurement.

Paul I. Huse

“Working with Ignite is real partnership. Utilizing their excellent competence, they are continuously challenging us to deliver new data sources, presented in new ways, using new technology. We believe this will contribute to fulfill their vision as a global player within strategic procurement," Paul I. Huse, CEO, Enin.

Ignite Procurement - Strategic Procurement Made Easy

Ignite Procurement is a Norwegian SaaS company facilitating data-driven, smarter, and sustainable procurement decisions through its best-of-breed spend management solution. The cloud-based solution, built on a battle-proven methodology, offers an unparalleled time-to-value with an intuitive, user-friendly interface.

Ignite Procurement supports your strategic procurement efforts through Procurement Analysis, Data Management, Category Management, Contract Management, Supplier Management, and Initiatives and Tasks Management.

From procurement professionals to business owners, Ignite Procurement helps organizations beat their everyday challenges by facilitating data-driven, smarter, and sustainable procurement decisions.

Enin - Entity Insights

Enin is a company that delivers solutions to analyze companies by using structured and unstructured data. They continuously monitor and analyze a massive number of news stories, accounting and ownership data, and social media sources to assist their customers with insights into credit risks, business opportunities, and the financial markets in general. They use cutting-edge technology to find which news stories and events will affect which companies at what times and in what ways.

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