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New Partnership Announcement: Ignite Procurement and Lexolve

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Ignite Procurement joins hands with Lexolve to bring document automation to its users.

Oslo, Norway; April 28, 2021 - Ignite Procurement, a leading digital solution provider for spend management, is excited to announce a new partnership with Norway's leading legal tech startup, Lexolve to bring the functionality of smart documentation to their customers.

Procurement is complex and involves managing suppliers, documents, and various other aspects. These complexities sometimes make the procurement processes inefficient and time-consuming where important details can be easily missed. This partnership between Ignite Procurement and Lexolve will focus on taking the complexity out of the procurement documentation process. With smart documentation, Lexolve will introduce automation to relieve companies from repetitive, manual tasks and correct bottlenecks in the processes.

Sigbjørn Nome

"We at Ignite Procurement work to make strategic procurement easy. A partnership with Lexolve will enable us to digitize and make smart documents and is a way towards our goal. The new way of creating documents will make it easier to create contracts documents and follow up contracts in Ignite Procurement more efficiently," says Sigbjørn Nome CEO at Ignite Procurement.

Selecting Lexolve as a partner was an easy choice for Ignite Procurement, as our companies are focused on using cutting-edge technology to help our customers reduce risk and save money. The automation that Lexolve brings further emphasizes on increasing the strategic value of procurement organizations and this interlaces with Ignite Procurement’s mission of facilitating data-driven, smarter, and sustainable procurement decisions.

Fredrik M. Slettestøl

"Lexolve is one of the several exciting startups in Norway. As a modern technology company, we want to use the latest and most innovative technologies to solve our users’ needs in the best possible manner. After investigating several options, we decided to partner up with Lexolve," says Fredrik Muri Slettestøl Product Manager at Ignite Procurement.

Christoffer Olsen

“I am really impressed with what Ignite has achieved, and we look forward to contributing our technology to the procurement process. Lexolve aims to make it easier to solve legal tasks for businesses, where a contract often is a central part.

“By automating input to the contract with information the customers have given throughout the procurement process, we remove tiresome and repetitive work from the equation. The partnership is a classic win-win-win situation for Lexolve, Ignite Procurement, and the customers, and we look forward to exploring this partnership further,” says Christoffer Olsen Chief Commercial Officer at Lexolve.

Ignite Procurement - Strategic Procurement Made Easy

Ignite Procurement is a Norwegian SaaS company facilitating data-driven, smarter, and sustainable procurement decisions through its best-of-breed spend management solution. The cloud-based solution, built on a battle-proven methodology, offers an unparalleled time-to-value with an intuitive, user-friendly interface. With the ever-increasing importance of technology and data in all aspects of business decision-making, Ignite Procurement aims to become the number one player within strategic procurement.

Lexolve - Legal Certainty for Everyone

Lexolve is Norway's leading legaltech company creating the future of legal services, offering a digital in-house lawyer to SMEs. The Lexolve digital in-house lawyer is like a colleague you trust, who knows your company well and gives you efficient, transparent, easy to understand and affordable access to legal certainty for your company. Together with our users, our cross-functional team is abolishing costly lawyer bills & the inaccessibility of law by giving every SMEs an affordable, accessible, and effective way to solve all their legal needs.


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