Norwegian Tech Startups Cannot Wait for the World to Come Here

Norwegian Tech Startups Cannot Wait for the World to Come Here

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As the market in which startup companies conduct business becomes more international, Norwegian companies must look beyond Norway's borders to succeed and grow.

Press: Only 28 percent of Norwegian startups live long enough to celebrate their 5th birthday. Of those who survive, only a few step out into the world. If Norwegian tech startups are to reverse this trend, they must secure a foothold in Norway and at the same time think about global scaling.

In order for Norwegian businesses to succeed, they must look beyond the borders of Norway and strengthen ties with innovative companies from around the world to create international partnerships. Norwegians must think globally from the start and develop a clear strategy for expanding their businesses into markets abroad.

This way of thinking was a contributing factor to Ignite Procurement winning Finansavisen's Vext competition this year.

Another important factor for international success is being early in the market to validate and test the solutions as they are developed, as well as to understand the customers' real needs and solve them.

You can read the full article on Kronikk: Norske tech-startups kan ikke vente på at verden skal komme hit (Article in Norwegian).

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