Organic Growth With Autonomous Teams and Flat Structure

Organic Growth With Autonomous Teams and Flat Structure

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Ignite Procurement has become one of the country’s most successful and promising start-up companies. One key to its success is a policy of encouraging autonomous teams and short decision-making processes. Join behind the scenes of Ignite Procurement, where employees are the driving force from day one.

Press: A five-year-old Norwegian start-up called Ignite Procurement is developing a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution to ensure a smarter and data-driven approach to strategic procurement. The solution, using customer data, identifies opportunities to make better and more data-driven choices for purchasing. At an overall level, the solution contributes to increased transparency and more efficient markets, so that competitive, environmentally conscious and serious suppliers come out best.

"When I started in the consulting industry after my studies, it was to get out and learn new skills quickly. As a consultant, you jump between projects and see how things are done in large companies in different industries. I learned a lot about technology and method during this period, but had a desire to go to a smaller company with the opportunity to influence and gain ownership of a product. When I was introduced to Ignite, it was not difficult to accept the job," says Simen Vie, Tech Lead at Ignite Procurement.

Vie has a master's degree in computer technology from NTNU from 2018, was involved in starting several companies during his studies, and worked for two years in the consulting company Bekk before joining Ignite Procurement.

Vie believes that professional competence and flexibility are a prerequisite for success in small innovative organizations.

He further talks about a learning organizational culture that emphasizes professional development among employees and shows the motivation of the vision to make the B2B market more transparent and sustainable.

Vie is supported by colleague Fredrik Muri Slettestøl, Product Manager in the team for product development.

Slettestøl has a Master of Management in strategic business development and innovation from BI from 2012. He has worked with product development in strategic purchasing for several companies before joining Ignite. 

"For us, it is about what we are to develop, how we create value, and how we solve a challenge better than others. I work to understand the customers' challenges and form images of what the individual struggles with in everyday life. At the same time, there are many users who do not know their own needs until we find a solution to it," says Slettestøl.

He further talks about a young and ambitious environment with many talented colleagues.

"Here there is always a good atmosphere and easy to make friends. We are a group that is moving in the same direction at the same time as we dare to discuss, take up challenges, and come up with suggestions for solutions. It's about taking ownership of the tasks and being happy to solve problems. I have been here for eight months and have been very well received. The gang is easy to get to know and inspiring to work with. Even though we have regular video meetings and game nights, we look forward to the social gatherings we had before the corona restrictions," Slettestøl concludes.

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