Sigbjørn Nome and Frank Willie Bødal - Ignite Procurement

Start-Up Develops Procurement Solutions and Wins Public Contracts

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Procurement startup takes over public contracts. This article was so popular that it appeared in Anbud365's top 10 most read articles of the spring semester.

Press: In February this year, we drew attention to an entrepreneurial company, an SME, which had early succeeded in obtaining a contract with the public sector - Ignite Procurement. The readership interest in this article was so great that it ended up in the top 10 of the spring semester's most read on Anbud365.

The founders of the small business Ignite Procurement have been winning contracts with the public sector. the company is now supplying the Norwegian Environment Agency, which actually includes the Ministry of Climate and the Environment and all its underlying agencies. The Norwegian Environment Agency is working to put in place a more strategic procurement function across the agencies and is completely dependent on good procurement tools to be able to support this transformation.

Ignite Procurement has won an award - Finansavisen's VEXT2020 - in competition with nine other start-ups that reached the final. The award gives the company the title of Norway's best growth company, and they have become 18 employees, and are looking for more. As many as 10 students from national and international universities and colleges have worked at Ignite Procurement this summer (summer interns). In addition, a capacity has been recruited with valuable domain knowledge and experience from scaling global purchasing solutions.

Ignite Procurement is currently developing automatic classification and categorization of procurement data using AI and ML (artificial intelligence), including automatic tagging of procurement data based on the UNSPSC structure.

"This is in great demand in the public sector," states Frank Willie Bødal, Chief Marketing Officer, Ignite Procurement, where he highlights more product development and opportunity for implementation and follow-up of internal and external evaluations. He further adds, "This can for example be used to send out self-evaluations to suppliers for how they work with sustainability, quality, innovation or the like, and have the information gathered and analyzed in the solution."

You can read more about Ignite Procurement and how we are winning public contracts in Anbud365: Liten gründerbedrift utvikler innkjøpsverktøy og kaprer offentlige kontrakter (article in Norwegian).

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