Sykehusinnkjøp starts collaborating with start-up despite global pandemic

Sykehusinnkjøp Starts Collaborating With Start-Up Despite Global Pandemic

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Public sector organization Sykehusinnkjøp invests in procurement solution from Ignite Procurement.

Press: Instead of buying purchasing tools from large, international software companies, Sykehusinnkjøp chose to invest in a Norwegian, smaller start-up company, Ignite Procurement.

Chief Marketing Officer at Ignite Procurement, Frank Willie Bødal, says that Sykehusinnkjøp has bought access to their solution on behalf of the specialist health service. The goal is for the solution to contribute to increased transparency in both procurement and agreements, as well as to facilitate that the specialist health service can work category-driven and data-driven in the procurement area.

In the first phase of the project, Ignite will run a pilot where they'll use EHF data to create full insight into the Sykehusinnkjøp purchasing - right down to the article level.

"This is a win-win collaboration for both parties. The pilot will provide us with knowledge about how we can take advantage of EHF's solution in our stores in the future," says Bødal. 

Read more about how Sykehusinnkjøp chose to collaborate with Ignite Procurement, despite the pandemic at Anbud365: Sykehusinnkjøp glemte ikke de små oppstartselskapene, tross korona-krise (article in Norwegian).

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