Ignite Procurement - Vendor Analysis (Part 1) - Solution Overview, Strengths/Weaknesses, Tech Selection Tips

Ignite Procurement - Vendor Analysis (Part 1)

Ignite Procurement was recently under Spend Matters' two-part PRO Vendor Analysis and deep dive on vendor analysis lens this year.

Norwegian Tech Startups Cannot Wait for the World to Come Here

Norwegian Tech Startups Cannot Wait for the World to Come Here

As the market in which startup companies conduct business becomes more international, Norwegian companies must look beyond Norway's borders to succeed and grow.

Sigbjørn Nome: Founder Ignite Procurement

Ignite Procurement: – We Saw That You Could Save Hundreds of Millions

"We saw that you could save hundreds of millions," says Sigbjørn Nome in an interview with Finnaavisen. The CEO and co-founder of Ignite Procurement, Sigbjørn Nome, sees several challenges with the way companies resort to making procurement decisions. He believes that Ignite Procurement could be the ultimate solution.

SolutionMap ranking Fall 2020: Spend & Procurement Analytics - Nimble persona

Ignite Procurement a Value Leader in SolutionMap Report

Ignite Procurement is proud to be included in the newest Spend Matters SolutionMap report as the only new vendor in the Spend & Procurement Analytics category.

Firesafe starts using Ignite Procurement across the Group

Firesafe Starts Using Ignite Procurement Across the Group

We are happy to announce that Firesafe, a Scandinavian market leader in fire safety and protection, is one of our newest customers.

Ignite Procurement's recent growth and future plans to raise additional capital

Ignite Procurement's Growth and Future Plans to Raise New Capital

This fiery startup could be a hit among investors this autumn: Announces major round of NOK 100 million, says Shifter in their latest article.

Ignite Procurement wins contract with the Norwegian Environment Agency

Ignite Wins Tender with the Norwegian Environment Agency

The Norwegian Environment Agency, and implicitly all organizations that are part of the Norwegian Ministry of Climate and Environment, has selected Ignite Procurement as their spend management solution going forward.

New and Exciting Product Feature Powered by Summer Interns

New and Exciting Product Features Powered by Summer Interns

Ignite Procurement continued its annual internship program this summer with no less than 10 students joining us from recognized Norwegian and international universities.

Sigbjørn Nome and Frank Willie Bødal - Ignite Procurement

Start-Up Develops Procurement Solutions and Wins Public Contracts

Procurement startup takes over public contracts. This article was so popular that it appeared in Anbud365's top 10 most read articles of the spring semester.

Hexagon Starts Using Our Spend Management Solution

Hexagon Starts Using Our Spend Management Solution 🤝

We are delighted and proud to announce that Hexagon Composites, a global leader in clean energy solutions, is one of our newest customers.

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