4 Programming Ninjas in T-shirts: Meet Ignite's Summer Interns

4 Programming Ninjas in T-shirts: Meet Ignite's Summer Interns

Ignite's new interns are ready to start hitting the ground running: A blog introducing the new summer interns at Ignite, including a little about them. Four of Norway's best and brightest have chosen to spend their summer at Ignite's Oslo office.

Selected as Top 10 Emerging Tech Leaders and Top 10 Founders of the Year

Selected as Top 10 Emerging Tech Leaders & Top 10 Founders of the Year

We are super honored and humbled that our very own CTO, Valdemar Edvard Sandal Rolfsen, has been named one of the top 10 emerging tech leaders in Norway by E24.no. And we are equally proud of our co-founders, Sigbjørn Nome and Børge Langedal, who were selected as the top ten founders of the year!

Team Ignite Procurement 2021

A Deck of 44 Aces and Counting!

The best part about being a fast-growing organization is adding new and unique talent to your expanding team. This summer, Ignite added thirteen exceptional members to its deck of aces. Now we are 44 and counting!

Ignite Procurement's new summer interns 2021

Ignite Procurement is Happy to Welcome its New Summer Interns

Yes, they are here! Meet these young and brilliant faces who will light up the summer weeks at our Oslo office.

Kjetil Istad and Faraz Ali joins Ignite Procurement

The Team Ignite Welcomes Its New Members

At Ignite, we believe in creating a dynamic team of enthusiastic and talented individuals. In this innovation, success, and growth journey, we are excited to welcome two new members to our team.

Sigbjørn Nome and Børge Langedal making strategic procurement easy

Announcing Ignite Procurement’s Completion of NOK 30 Million Funding Raise

We are delighted to announce our latest NOK 30 million funding raise. This is a great moment not only for us, our partners, and investors but for our customers who have trusted us in this growth journey.

In April 2021, Ignite Procurement added three new members to its team.

Three New Faces Onboard at Ignite Procurement

This spring, we added three new and talented team members to our fast-growing organization. Ignite Procurement is delighted to welcome our new team members and wish them well in their careers with us.

Organic Growth With Autonomous Teams and Flat Structure

Organic Growth With Autonomous Teams and Flat Structure

Ignite Procurement has become one of the country’s most successful and promising start-up companies. One key to its success is a policy of encouraging autonomous teams and short decision-making processes. Join behind the scenes of Ignite Procurement, where employees are the driving force from day one.

Ignite Procurement hires former CEO of their own customer

Ignite Procurement Hires Former CEO of Their Own Customer

When Kjetil Marius Istad resigned as head of the state procurement giant Sykehusinnkjøp, he contacted the startup he had been a customer of - and asked to join the trip.

Meet Our Newest Team Members - February 2021

Say Hello to Our Newest Team Members

Ignite Procurement continues its rapid growth and has hired new, exceptional talents to the team. Please give a warm welcome to the latest team Ignite additions.

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