These entrepreneurs want to win the battle of getting the developers

These Entrepreneurs Want to Win the Battle of Getting the Developers

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Sigbjørn Nome, CEO and co-founder of Ignite Procurement has an ambitious growth plan for his company. This article reveals their recipe and how they their double income and the number of employees in just a few months.  

Press: Ignite Procurement—a start-up company that helps companies manage their spend—has experienced considerable growth in its first few years of operation. In 2020, the company landed pilot agreements with pharmaceutical giants Roche and Novartis , and partnered with two major consulting firms in the United States—Proacure (USA) and Level Group (Brazil).

Entrepreneur and CEO, Sigbjørn Nome, is now revealing the extremely ambitious growth plans. The goal for the current year is to increase the revenues on the digital procurement tool by 2.5 times.

In 2017, the company expanded beyond Arkwright X 's furnished cave to an entire floor in Epicenter — where their role models Spacemaker are. The number of employees for Ignite will grow from 20 at the beginning of the year to 50 at the end of the year—out of them, 20 will be developers and the rest will be commercial employees in marketing, sales, and customer success.

Recruitment Model from Xeneta and Spacemaker

Ignite's recruitment and onboarding model is partly inspired by Spacemaker, another company that had Arkwright X behind it during its early growth phase. The advisory board of key individuals from companies that have been through similar journeys—including from Spacemaker and Xeneta—provides guidance as Ignite transitions into its new growth phase.

New Investment Around the Corner

Ignite last raised capital in the autumn of 2019, where they received NOK 8 million from SNÖ Ventures, Arkwright X and Investinor. Most of the company is owned by the founders and employees. According to Nome, they expect to be able to announce a major capital round soon. Last autumn, they announced that they were working on an investment round that could be up to NOK 100 million.

You can read the full article here: Shifter: Disse gründerne vil vinne kampen om utviklerne (article in Norwegian).

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