Using Technology for Eternal Digitization of Public Procurement

Using Technology for Eternal Digitization of Public Procurement

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DFØ is hosting a conference on digital procurement in May 2022, where Karin Bigseth from Ålesund municipality, together with Ignite Procurement, will share their experiences on what it means to be digitally driven.

Press: It all started 25 years ago when Norway started the digitalization of public procurement with the establishment of Doffin. Then followed the offer of e-commerce, and ten years ago, government clients were required to use EHF invoices. It was also agreed that by 2024, procurement must be fully digitized. And it does not stop there.

On Tuesday, 3 May, DFØ is arranging the Digital Procurement-2022 conference - formerly known as the EHF conference. This year the conference will be focusing on the digital transformation of procurement processes and what it means to be computer-driven.

Procurement and digital transformation are as closely related today as never before. With the ever-increasing complexity of the digitization process, it's crucial to focus on procurement management and leadership.

It isn't a secret that digital transformation is important to procurement. This year, the conference will also be about this as one of the main topics. The program is designed to cover the three main phases of the procurement process management and leadership.

It's said that good contract and supplier follow-up is the best starting point for planning new procurements, and Ålesund Municipality by Karin Bigseth, together with Ignite Procurement, will contribute their experiences with this through digitization.

Read the full article (in Norwegian) at: Anbud365: Datateknologi gir «evig» digitalisering av offentlige anskaffelser – løypemelding 3. mai

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