Valdemar Rolfsen is the new CTO in Ignite Procurement

Valdemar Rolfsen is the New CTO of Ignite Procurement

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The new CTO of Ignite Procurement, Valdemar Rolfsen says, "I think we are coming in at just the right time!"

Press: Valdemar Rolfsen is the new CTO at Ignite Procurement. Rolfsen is a 24-year-old with big ideas, and he's ready to take on this role to help Ignite achieve its goals.

"We have big plans for expansion both in Norway and abroad, and I think we are coming in at just the right time considering that digitization is on the agenda for an incredible number of companies," says Rolfsen. 

Ignite was founded in 2016, and has been developing software ever since to assist customers and consulting companies in analyzing and automating their strategic procurement work.

Rolfsen said he was impressed with the team behind Ignite, as well as their knowledge in the procurement field. In addition, he thinks digitization in the B2B market is an incredibly exciting field where a lot will happen in the coming years.

You can read more about Valdemar Rolfsen joining Ignite Procurement as CTO in Shifter: Han er ny CTO i Ignite Procurement (article in Norwegian).

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