Spend Matters Vendor Analysis: Ignite Procurement

Ignite Procurement - Vendor Analysis (Part 2)

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If you're looking for a new spend analytics provider or if you're just curious about what makes Ignite Procurement so unique, then you need to keep reading.
Spend Matters: Ignite Procurement was founded in 2010 by two former consultants who had worked with procurement teams around the globe. They decided they wanted to change the way procurement teams analyze their data—with a focus on making it easy and accessible. And once they saw how much companies were able to improve by using their tool, they knew they'd hit on something special.

With the rise of companies like Ignite Procurement, it seems like the Nordics are making a play to be one of the major hot spots in the increasingly global spend analysis marketplace.

In this Spend Matters PRO deep dive report, we'll dig deeper into Ignite's modules and explore what makes it different from its competitors (like Sievo out of Finland, Effso Spendency from Sweden). We'll also do a SWOT assessment to see how strong these guys are as potential providers for you!

You can read more about the vendor analysis of Ignite Procurement on Spend Matters: Ignite Procurement: Vendor Analysis (Part 2) — Detailed Look at Modules, SWOT, Ignite competitors, Commentary.

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