Ignite Procurement: Winning public contracts as a start-up company

Winning Public Contracts as a Start-Up

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Ignite Procurement's CEO and co-founder, Sigbjørn Nome, and Chief Marketing Officer, Frank Willie Bødal, told Anbudd how the young startup managed to attract prominent clients to its portfolio.

Press: It is a company that does not have many years behind it, and that sells a product that is about one year old. And they already have contracts with the government. The key is that they have developed - and are constantly developing - a product that the public sector is interested in - both financially and to meet the demand for digitization by 2024.

How they have come this far in such a short time is a recipe for what small businesses, including entrepreneurs, should study and learn from to a greater extent than using the time to complain that the public sector does not take them into account.

The first commandment is to get to know the public sector: what needs are there, and what needs do you see based on your own competence. Prior to the establishment of Ignite Procurement, its founders had a period where they were consultants for the public sector. Also, at the beginning of the company, they ran a consulting business. In their case, it was procurement processes that interested them. But that in itself could have been anything - the public sector has a diverse business. Based on acquired knowledge, they then developed a product that they saw and believed - and experienced - that the public needed.

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