Unlock the full value from every contract

How Ignite solves your contract management challenges

Fully searchable and filterable contract data.

Siloed or untraceable contracts


Fully searchable and filterable contract data to help you quickly find the information you need to boost revenue and reduce risks.

Timely notifications and alerts on contract expiration, renewal, and vital activities.

Missed deadlines and opportunities


Timely notifications and alerts on contract expiration, renewal, and vital activities to help ensure proactivity so you never miss an opportunity again.

Spend linked directly to your contract data.

Excessive spending or wasted spend


Spend linked directly to your contract data giving you detailed insights on your organization's contract coverage and utilization.

A solution that lets you do more than just managing your contracts


Imagine managing your contracts in ways you never thought possible. This means having a contract repository accessible at the click of a mouse, finding off-contract spend in a quick blink, and managing contracts and compliance without friction.

Easily access contracts in the cloud

Our intuitive interface lets you keep a clear and full picture of all contracts and related discussions in one place - fully searchable and filterable in a click of a button - anytime, anywhere.

Tailor user permissions to give appropriate and easy contract data access to your team.

Easily accessible contracts in the cloud-based contract management solution.

Save time while saving money

Review contracts in minutes not hours and focus your efforts on the areas that need it the most.

We make it easy for you to track and analyze contract utilization across business units, categories, etc., to identify leakages, usage patterns, and reduce maverick spend.

Saving time while saving money with contract management in procurement.

Get reminded of when you need to act

No need to spend hours of your time tracking contract expirations and renewal dates.

Ignite notifies you about expiration, renewals, and other vital alerts like when spend goes above the contract limit to keep you and your team on top of your contracts.

Reminders of when you need to act with contract tracking.

Some other benefits of Ignite Contract Management


Secure import and hosting

Import your existing contracts to Ignite, and easily add new ones in a click. Safely host all your contract documents in a secure cloud environment.


Hit spend targets

Link your contracts and spend data to easily gain visibility on where you are overpaying, exactly what services you need, and where to get them. Save millions of dollars by leveraging this information to successfully negotiate new agreements, cancel unused services, and consolidate spend.


Build a productive and collaborative culture

Easily keep your team and stakeholders on the same page about all contract information - what’s currently in place, with whom, and what’s un- or under-used. Add comments and remarks to keep your team easy to manage the contracts.


Continuous support and world-class service

Designed to make your lives easier, Ignite’s relentless customer support and battle-proven methodology does all the heavy lifting so you can focus more on actions.

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