Data Management

Ignite Procurement - Data Management


Data Consolidation

A single source of truth

Consolidate procurement data across all your businesses, ERPs, and data sources. No more barriers to utilize your data. A secure, single source of truth provides you and decision-makers with all the right data at the right time.

Data Management - Data Cleaning

Enhance the value of your data

Intelligent data cleaning and processing algorithms enable you to detect and correct inaccurate data. More consistent data ensures higher data quality and added value for your business.

Data Management - Data Tagging

Automatic UNSPSC tagging

Utilize our built-in machine learning algorithms to standardize the products and services you are buying. If you have item-level data available, the solution can tag these automatically based on the United Nations Standard Products and Services (UNSPSC) taxonomy.

Data Management - Data Classification

Smart and flexible spend classification

Take advantage of the AI-driven engine for automatic spend classification or classify manually with drag-and-drop. Classify your data to spend categories with the option to create additional custom hierarchies and taxonomies.

Data Management - Data Enrichment

External data enrichment

Enrich your data with third-party data sources to get important additional perspectives. For example, financial information about your suppliers provides valuable insights on opportunities and risks.

Data Management - Combine Datasets

Combine data from multiple datasets

Import and manage all your procurement data, such as spend, contracts, market data, or supplier information. Data blending and joining enable you to drive insights across the different data sources.

Data Management Data Import

Integrate directly with data sources

Flawlessly integrate all your relevant data sources, such as ERP data, directly to the solution for real-time insights. Integrate through APIs, connectors, or periodic functions. Manual data import is also supported, of course.

Data Management - Users and permissions

Manage users and permissions

Invite and manage your users in the solution. Tailor permissions to data and individual system objects based on users or their roles - all fully customizable.

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