Meet a solution that humanizes your data while keeping things simple for you

How Ignite solves your procurement data challenges


Scattered or dispersed data


Seamless blending and integration across data sources to get a transparent, real-time visibility into your organization’s data so you can make the right decisions.


Bad or low quality data


A tool to clean, enrich, and normalize data at blazing speed so that you can do regular and expansive analysis faster and more effectively.


Non-categorized/mis-classified data


AI-automated or manual drag-and-drop features to classify and bring clarity to your spend, suppliers, and other items and give you a leg up when getting started.


Manual data processing


An automated collection of data, cleaning, and conversion process that works non-stop to transform your data into digestible, useful information.

Understand procurement data, get insights, and act on it — all in one solution

Our solution lets you look at your data through a human-centered lens— the result: Data that is fairly simple to understand and derive insights from. 

How Ignite makes data simple, consumable, and relevant to procurement success.

How Ignite turns raw data into real value


Raw customer data

Data that's raw, unreliable and inconsistent is scattered across different systems and hard to work with.

raw-data1 consilidate1

and connect

Ignite consolidates, connects, maps, and cleans this data to give you a transparent, global perspective on procurement.

consilidate1 gaps-in-your-data1

Fill gaps

Ignite provides your team with a view of your data that you can't get anywhere else. It helps you identify data gaps and fill them in as part of the data cleaning process, so you can achieve the additional perspective you need to make better decisions.

gaps-in-your-data1 enrich


Now that you have a clean view of your data, Ignite uses AI and enrichments from third parties to give you a proactive view of your spend and suppliers so that you can make the best decisions for your organization.

These enrichments let you access multi-dimensional supplier details, spot risky suppliers, track current and historical currency changes and get accurate commodity prices to strengthen your business.

enrich categorize

Classify and standardize

Ignite also automatically categorizes and analyzes even the spend with low-quality free-text descriptions and uses Machine Learning algorithm to classify your spend into a global classification system, such as the UNSPSC.

categorize knowledge-insight

Knowledge and insights

Now it's time for our best-practice insights and analytics to hover on top of your 360 degree and robust data foundation to uncover the opportunities and actionable intelligence you need to make timely and informed decisions.

knowledge-insight impact


Congratulations! Your data is processed and interpreted, and is all set. You now have the visibility and actionable intelligence you need. Here, Ignite helps you realize not just actions and opportunities but actual savings and value within the solution.

We're ready to integrate tools you already have

Geared towards unlocking productivity and fitting your needs, Ignite supports various patterns to help you build any integrations at speed.

With Ignite, you can integrate your data by connecting to services that support APIs, connectors, or periodic functions (e.g. SFTP). Ingest data from both online and offline sources. This includes spend data, contracts, market data, supplier information, sales data, and enrichments through built-in external data sources.

Once the integration is completed, you are free to use Ignite’s open API to leverage and embed the data across your solutions and systems, such as your intranet.

Learn more: Data integrations


High quality and enriched data, made possible

Collecting data is only half the job. The true value and edge lie in turning it into real value.

Forget about the data flaws you manually have to correct. Ignite’s intelligent data transformation and processing algorithms enable you to detect, correct and normalize inaccurate data, such as supplier normalization, to ascertain the data consistency and quality your business needs.

Learn more: Data cleaning & enrichment


The AI confidence of reliable spend data, made available

Data not used is data wasted. Bid adieu to labor-intensive data classification and categorizations that lack accuracy and prevent millions of dollars from getting under the procurement lens.

Ignite’s AI-driven engine automatically classifies spend and allows you to manually drag-and-drop categories as you prefer. While slimming down the data classification process, Ignite lets you go granular and create custom hierarchies and taxonomies such as addressable vs. non-addressable spend and more.

This allows you to get structured, categorized, consolidated procurement data standards and identify cross-group synergies that only a few companies are able to.

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Some other benefits of using Ignite Data Management


360 Degree view of data

Ignite makes it easier to bring data together, so you can see the whole picture. Using Ignite, you can get a 360-degree view of your data—and manage and update that information, too. You can do this across all the systems you use, or combine datasets in one central location.


Better spend control and uniformity

Using Ignite's machine learning algorithms you can automatically tag your spend with standard codes (keywords and UNSPSC) that will glue throughout your organization. You can build tailored taxonomies and use translation API to classify more categories and make better decisions.


Secure data

Our cloud data management doesn’t stop at being secure, confidential, and reliable. Ignite gives you peace of mind with features that ensure your data is encrypted and secure at all times.


Data for all

A solution to enthuse people about how data can help them. Folks of any skill level can use Ignite to uncover insights existing across all their data sources. You can easily invite or deny permissions and manage users based on their roles.


The power of community

We've developed a way to use the collective intelligence of the Ignite community, an anonymous dataset of our members' spend and other data, to help members identify cost savings, improve efficiencies, and so on.


Continuous support and world-class service

Designed to make your lives easier, Ignite’s relentless customer support and battle-proven methodology does all the heavy lifting so you can focus less on data and more on actions.

Ready to harness the power of your procurement data?

A solution to enthuse people about what data can do for them. Users of any skill levels can use Ignite to uncover hidden insights that exist across all the data sources. You can easily invite, tailor permissions, and manage users - based on their roles - in the solution.

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