Stay on top of your performance and keep your team up to date

How Ignite solves your procurement task management challenges


Initiatives scattered across the organization


A single place to create and track all your procurement initiatives. See what's worked, get ready for your next activities, and learn from your past successes and failures.



No way to link tasks to information and users


Tasks and plans aligned with your users, suppliers, contracts, categories, and other data objects to make sure all your initiatives are on target.



Can't track the status and impact of activities


A system to manage all your activities and initiatives, with notifications of deadlines, status, and alerts to ensure all your projects are completed on time.

A system to keep your procurement projects organized

Easily plan, manage and assign tasks

Put all your procurement initiatives into one joint solution.

With Ignite you can manage and track all tasks for your initiatives, either individually or as a team, by setting deadlines and viewing progress across dynamic Gantt charts.


See your past, present, and future

Learn from what you've done previously, execute your ongoing projects, and plan anything upcoming.

Plan and implement initiatives based on the data that combines analytics and spend intelligence.


Get accurate details of your performance

Now you can measure your savings based on real-time spend to get a more accurate picture of how much your organization is saving.

Use Ignite’s customizable formulas to automate the savings calculations and track your progress toward specific savings targets.


Track your team's progress

Make sure your team sees what’s going on with the projects and who's doing what.

By providing transparency into processes Ignite makes sure your team has their eye on the ball. If you want to keep certain things confidential, such as a personal project, you can create individual tasks that are not shareable among team members.


Some other benefits of Ignite Initiative and Task Management


Increase certainty of success

Meticulously tracking each initiative greatly increases the likelihood of their success. This increased confidence will help stakeholders feel more certain about a project’s timing and quality.


Save time

Instead of jumping from one spreadsheet to another, make your processes more efficient by seamlessly connecting valuable data to tasks and initiatives so you can focus on what’s most important—executing best practices.


Boost collaboration

To keep everyone on the same page and not let important activities slip through the cracks we allow users to send comments across the team to update everyone on the latest status. Share your ongoing processes so you can use your team's resources efficiently. Individual tasks created by users can be shared.


No more costly delays

You'll get notifications about tasks on your plate that are approaching deadlines. You can also comment on and update your teammates about the latest status of your work.

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A solution to boost collaboration, save time, and increase the certainty of your strategic procurement initiatives success so that you and your team can move ahead with confidence.


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