Procurement Analytics

Ignite Procurement - Procurement Analytics


Procurement Analytics - Dashboards and widgets

Widgets and dashboards

Visualize your data through widgets and add it to the dashboard of your choosing. Fully customize the analyzes to fit your needs by defining data input, filters, chart types, and settings.

Procurement Analytics - Widget library

Library for effortless report building

Search hundreds of out-of-the-box widgets and dashboards by collections and quickly build the reports you need. You may also share your procurement insights and contribute to an analytic community.

Procurement Analytics - Define Scripts

Easy to use - but extremely powerful

Use filters to gain deeper insights or click on interactive charts for dynamic drill-downs. For more advanced use-cases, define scripts (or formulas) to calculate and reflect your data.

Procurement Aanalytics - Collaboration and sharing

Collaboration and sharing

Share the insights with your team and report to other stakeholders in the organization. Easily export all your data, widgets, and dashboards directly to Excel and PowerPoint.

Procurement Analytics - Savings tracking

Measure and track savings

Measure savings based on real-time spend to get more accurate details on your savings performance. Use advanced formulas to automate and track the savings calculations.

Procurement Analytics - Smart alerts

Smart alerts from your data

Set alerts to stay on top of your procurement data. As soon as irregularities are detected, such as a new supplier, you will receive notifications tailored the way you want it.

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