It's time to level up your sourcing game

How Ignite solves your sourcing challenges


Offline/unorganized sourcing process


A fully digital and continuous improvement solution that helps you keep all related documents in one place and gives full visibility into the strategic sourcing process.


Cannot verify or evaluate suppliers


An effortless system to collect supplier information, get quotes, and monitor suppliers with side-by-side comparison analysis.


Can't use data-based sourcing strategies


The ability to look at all the data on your company’s purchasing behavior, break it down and analyze different spending patterns to make sourcing more fruitful.


Non-repeatable, time consuming process


A series of clear, collaborative, and repeatable processes to cut the labor-intensive manual tasks and streamline sourcing.

Digitize strategic sourcing and remove friction in a breeze

Leave behind the hassles of emails and spreadsheets. Use intelligent technology to make the bidding, response, and negotiation process easier and learn from past sourcing experiences to make better decisions.

We work with you to select and invite the most relevant suppliers, create the RFx documents, communicate with the suppliers and colleagues online, run a real-time event and evaluate the results.

That’s not all. Ignite’s artificial intelligence levels up your sourcing game by helping you identify bidders, get recommendations, score and compare bids side-by-side, and automatically execute RFx and contracts.

Use analytics to uncover sourcing opportunities

Automatically identify sourcing opportunities by leveraging Ignite's spend analytics module and enable fact-based, data-driven decision making.

Make your future sourcing activities more successful by analyzing the data you generate on multiple aspects such as price, tenders, regions, etc.


Find potential bidders by using internal and external data

Invite suppliers—both new ones and old customers—to the bidding process.

To help you choose which suppliers to work with, Ignite’s advanced algorithms utilize internal spend data and external supplier data to assess the suppliers on key dimensions and recommend you with the most suitable ones based on your needs.


Quickly create and launch RFX

Easily create RFx using Ignite templates or customize as per your requirements. You can also re-use from your previous sourcing events.

Fetch the list of suitable bidders or take the suppliers you shortlist through robust supplier selection and performance pre-qualification and invite them to participate in your RFPs.


Provide your bidders a seamless way to respond to RFPs

With our user-friendly interface, bidders can respond to RFx opportunities efficiently and comfortably.

A bidder gets a single page view of all the information needed to respond to your RFP. Sellers love this ease and freedom Ignite provides to respond to your RFx.


Compare bids side-by-side and award contracts

Ignite provides you with a complete overview of the bids received and lets you compare them side-by-side. Thus allowing you to pinpoint the best offers, save time, and make fact-based decisions.

Once you’ve identified your winners, you can easily create and award contracts from Ignite and connect them to your spend data.


Some other benefits of Ignite Strategic Sourcing


Save time while saving money and sourcing sustainably

Ignite gives you a bird's-eye view of all bids so you don't have to search for them. Ignite also compares the bids for you so that you can identify best opportunities and award contracts. That way, you can find the best offers and save lots of time.


Keep all documents & activities in one place

Ignite brings all bids, contracts, and sourcing-related documents into one convenient location, so you can access them whenever you need them.


Improve internal collaboration and agility

Boost team efficiency through collaboration, both internal — with the right resources at hand — and external — with transparent and efficient association with bidders.


Boost savings

A combination of easy-to-use interface, category-specific intelligence, and third-party enrichments allow you to pinpoint the best savings opportunities and negotiate better deals with your suppliers.


Go sustainable with sourcing

Using internal assessment scores you can ask your colleagues to rate your suppliers on sustainability parameters and make green decisions.

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A cloud-based sourcing solution that makes it easier for your bidders to bid, effortless for your team to access and track all data related to sourcing and contracts, and simple for you to keep everyone involved in one online place.

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