Supplier Management

Supplier Management


Supplier Management - Full supplier information visibility

Supplier visibility and transparency

Access supplier information, such as spend, contracts, assessments, and financials, in supplier pages. The solution auto-populates and centralizes your supplier insights in one place.

Supplier Management - Supplier financials

Supplier financials

Enrich your supplier data with financial information about the suppliers through sleek third-party data sources. The built-in algorithms help you identify opportunities and risks across your supplier base.

Supplier Management - Renegotiations

Renegotiations and status meetings

Use your data and knowledge to conduct fact-based renegotiations and status meetings with your suppliers. Predefined analytics dashboards, based on a battle-proven approach, are ready to be implemented.

Procurement Analytics

Internal user assessment

Internal user assessments

Build a better understanding of your supplier relationships by sending out supplier or contract assessments to internal stakeholders. Autogenerated web-links, and access through the Mobile App, ensure a smooth user feedback process.

Supplier self-assessment

Supplier self-assessments

Strengthen sustainable operations and ensure supplier compliance by executing supplier self-assessments. Leave excel and emails behind and let the suppliers provide you with information - entirely digital. The assessment templates are, of course, fully customizable.

Supplier Management - Track ratings and performance

Track ratings and performance

Gain insights into supplier ratings, compliance, performance, and quality by collecting and evaluating assessments over time. All feedback is logged and easily accessible in the solution.

Supplier Management - Mobile App

Mobile App: Share and collect insights

Share and collect information through our official Mobile App, earmarked for internal stakeholders and employees. For example, users can swiftly find supplier details, perform targeted assessments, and collaborate on the go.

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