Manage suppliers and work with them to build rewarding relationships and achieve better results

How Ignite solves your supplier management challenges


No visibility beyond top suppliers


A 360° visibility into up-to-date supplier data and performance in an intuitive and easy to use hub.


Non-harmonized supplier data


Advanced algorithms to check for duplicate information, auto-normalize, and standardize suppliers across your data.


No system in place to evaluate supplier


Regular performance and self-assessments of suppliers to ensure performance consistency as per your metrics and service levels.



Time-consuming data collection


AI-determined third-party enrichments to uncover insights such as parent-child relationships.

Get instant access to key supplier information and make the right buying decisions

In an increasingly complex world, information is key. But effective supplier management requires a lot of extra hard work. With Ignite Procurement you get a solution that captures supplier information, keeps it up to date, manages contracts and categories, and evaluates performance consistency while helping you identify opportunities and risks across your supplier base.  

All this is in the cloud, giving you access to the right data anywhere, anytime.

A complete picture of your supply base

No need to spend your time searching for information when accessing and viewing supplier information, such as spend, contracts, assessments, and financials, can be a breeze.

Our smart Supplier Management tool auto-populates and centralizes all your supplier insights and information in one place.


Collect supplier data with digital assessments and reviews

With Ignite you can gain a better understanding of how your suppliers are performing by collecting regular feedback from your employees.

Ignite helps companies improve sustainable operations and supplier compliance too. We do this by helping suppliers self-audit and communicate their improvement efforts in a simple, effective way. And of course, we do it all digitally.

Use our suggested assessment/evaluation forms or create your own and collect data on your suppliers’ ESG, performance, and certification to help you make rational decisions.


Identify opportunities and risks across your supplier base

You don't need to lift a finger. Ignite will work in the background, looking for opportunities and risks.

Our platform collects supplier financial information from third-party sources and packages it up for you. Your data will be automatically enriched, saving you hours of work.

Identify opportunity

Get into renegotiations armed with facts

Ignite combines data and knowledge to help you navigate the waters of negotiations with confidence and get the best deal with your suppliers.

For instance, when entering into renegotiations, category managers can use historical pricing trends and competitor prices as benchmarks to negotiate cost reductions.


Some other benefits of Ignite Supplier Management


Collect and track supplier ratings and performance

We’re here to help you find suppliers that are top performers by collecting and assessing assessments over time. The data is logged for easy access and the ratings are based on actual performance, not just opinion.


Increase competitive edge

We want procurement to impact the bottom line. That’s why we work with you to ease the tedious supplier management process, so that you can work towards maximizing profits, accelerating growth, and standing ahead of the competition.


Boosts efficiency

Dramatically simplify your supplier conversation. Leave emails and spreadsheets behind as your suppliers provide you with all the information you need to move their performance in the right direction.


Source sustainably

Source from suppliers that support your environmental sustainability goals by collecting qualitative data on their ESG ratings, certifications, performance, etc.


Strategic supplier relationships and collaboration

With Ignite, you can connect efficiently with your suppliers and encourage meaningful business relationships. This allows for seamless communication and collaboration, and as a result, mutual advantages that benefit both you and your suppliers in the long run.


Reduce cost

Use supplier data, market information, insights, and data generated through assessments to influence the quality and cost of your purchases.

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A solution that lets you connect with your suppliers, manage supplier information, evaluate supplier performance, and identify opportunities and risks across your supplier base.

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