What you get when you opt for Ignite Data Cleaning and Enrichment

Ignite automagically cleanse, normalizes, and categorizes the data.

You clean messy data in minutes

Ignite automatically cleanses, normalizes, and categorizes the data from contracts, invoices, product catalogs, POs, suppliers, and more, in minutes and without any codes.

Ignite enriches existing procurement data with additional data sources.

You fill the gaps in your existing data

Ignite enriches your existing procurement data with additional data sources so that you can make better, more informed decisions for your business.

Ignite handles millions of records per minute.

You get a solution that flexes to your needs

Ignite is built to scale. It handles millions of records per minute, ensuring your data scales quickly and efficiently as your business needs change.

From raw data to real gold in 5 steps

Mask personal data

Some data includes sensitive information, that can be anything. Our masking AI-algorithm lets us remove all of this personal information and make the raw data more useful.

Masking AI-algorithm for procurement

Automatically tag keywords

Spend data has millions of transaction lines, many times with unique product descriptions and inconsistent tagging. Ignite uses Natural Language Processing to solve this complexity and tag your purchases to provide item and category insights.

Natural Language Processing for procurement

Analyze free-text descriptions

With Ignite, you can categorize and analyze even the spend with low-quality free-text descriptions. Ignite uses a Machine Learning algorithm that automatically classifies your spend into a global classification system, such as the UNSPSC.

Machine Learning algorithm for procurement

Fill the gaps in your data with enrichments

Your spend will probably be missing additional perspectives that could help you perform better in your procurement work. With Ignite you can incorporate external data such as commodity prices, to gain insights and boost effectiveness.

Fill the gaps in your data with enrichments

When technology meets world-class service, it's a win-win

When you use Ignite Procurement, our experts manage your data transformation process from start to finish. When smoother, automated transformation takes over the manual data cleaning process, you save time and money while opening up possibilities at the same time.

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