Data Integrations

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Integrate with your data sources

Ignite Procurement - Integration types supported

Integration types supported

As a general rule of thumb, we facilitate direct integrations for all your data supported through APIs, connectors, or periodic functions (e.g. SFTP).

Ignite Procurement - No data limitations

No data limitations

There are no limitations in terms of the data you would like to integrate. Although the examples for procurement are numerous, this would often entail spend, contracts, market data, supplier information, and even sales data.

Ignite Procurement - Utilize data across your solutions

Utilize data across your solutions

You own your data and are free to use it as you please! Use our open API to leverage and embed the data from Ignite Procurement across your solutions and systems, such as your intranet.

Ignite Procurement - External data integrations

External data integrations

Unlock the power of harmonized internal and external data to drive better insights and smarter procurement decisions. Automatically enrich your data by utilizing built-in external data sources.

Third-Party Sources

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