How we turn the procurement data integration challenge to an ocean of endless opportunities

Let us do the heavy lifting

Your procurement team can spend more time doing actual work as we seamlessly integrate all your relevant data sources - even the most complex ones - to Ignite for real-time insights through business-friendly visualizations 


You connect in days not months

Ignite’s fast and efficient harmonization accelerates your journey to better procurement outcomes. We work behind the scenes so you can quickly respond to the demands of access to data from the business


Get 3rd party integration

Ignite lets you enrich your existing procurement data with third - party sources through sleek plug-and-play to drive smarter decisions.


No limitations. Utilize data across your solutions

Using Ignite means you own your data and are free to use it as you please. 

You can embed the data from the cloud across your solutions and systems, such as your intranet! 

With its APIs, connectors, and periodic functions (e.g. SFTP), Ignite facilitates direct integrations for all your supplier, market, contract, spend, and even sales data.


A solution to work with your tech stack

Use Ignite Data Integration to supercharge your productivity and simplify your digital technology foundation. As a connected solution that works within the IT ecosystem, Ignite also offers an open API that can enhance the value of other programs by feeding consolidated, cleansed, and enriched data to them.


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