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Limit personal details in free text descriptions

Data masking ability powered by artificial intelligence to mask PII or personally identifiable information such as names, phone numbers, email addresses, and more to help you strengthen your data protection standards.


Efficiently clean your data so you'll have time for strategic work.

Ignite's advanced AI automatically applies complex rules and transformations algorithms to cleanse, transform, and normalize the data so that you can spend more time on the projects that really matter.


Measure your company's performance against similar businesses

A system to benchmark key dimensions of your company' spend to industry peers so that you can figure out where you stand in respect to the industry average.


Spend classified as per a standard taxonomy

No need to spend months classifying your data. Use Ignite Machine Learning software to automatically classify your spend into a classification system for goods and services such as UNSPSC. This way you can easily track where your money is being spent.


Automatic translation of text data from select language to English

Say goodbye to language translation headaches. With Ignite, you can automatically translate text from dozens of languages to English with a single click.


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