Strategic procurement resources

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Guide - Procurement measures

Procurement Measures

Use this guide to get more details on various procurement levers to optimize spend and drive cost reductions.

Guide - Procurement initiative success factors

Procurement Initiatives: Success Factors

Use this guide to get tips on how to succeed with your procurement initiatives or projects.

Template - Category strategy

Category Strategy

Use this template to define a clear, action-based category strategy that is rooted in your organization.

[Webinar] Innkjøp som katalysator for besparelser

Innkjøp som katalysator for besparelser i krevende tider [NOR]

Se dette on-demand webinaret og lær mer om data-drevet innkjøp for å realisere kostnadsbesparelser.

Product Information

Product Information

Explore key features in Ignite Procurement and get a better understanding of how the solution can help you and your business.

Guide - Renegotiation process

Renegotiation Process

Use this guide to get practical tips on how to ensure a successful renegotiation process.

Template - Renegotiation meeting

Renegotiation Meeting

Use this template to conduct structured and fact-based renegotiation meetings with your suppliers.

[Webinar] How to renegotiate with your suppliers

How to Successfully Renegotiate with Suppliers

Watch this on-demand webinar and learn more about how to facilitate a structured renegotiation process.

201015 - Webinar - Category Strategy

Creating an Action-Based Category Strategy

Watch this webinar and learn more about how to create an action-based category strategy for your business.