The Right Procurement Chemistry:

KPMG+Ignite Procurement 

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In recent years due to company growth Norled increased their focus on procurement and how to work strategically to extract synergies between ferries and reduce indirect costs across the organization.

To makes this happen, Norled made sure to involve key stakeholders in the transformation process along with having a very good process for running large and structured sourcing events. In this process some common challenges had to be addressed. With user-friendliness as a key component, Norled was looking for a solution that could maintain both suppliers and contracts and maintain a category structure easily and directly in the solution.


When Norled was looking for a new solution to help it advance its overall procurement maturity and deliver transparency through spend classification, master data management, and actionable intelligence, it knew that it needed more than just a platform. The company was now ready for the next step.

The Right Procurement Chemistry: KPMG + Ignite Procurement



  • Common contract repository and transparency
    Norled has been able to manage its contracts and data history in one place. They now have a single source of truth for all their contracts and data history, which makes it easier for them to keep track of and pull the information they need for their business.
  • Category action plans generated
    With a category structure and strategy in place, Norled can now identify and unlock opportunities and map out each category's most effective and efficient procurement plan. 
  • Business case for digitalization
    Showing the facts and the transaction volumes in Ignite, together with a mapping of the manual tasks linked to the purchase to pay (P2P) process and the potential to automate, a business case was built to invest in a digitized P2P process.

Why Ignite's Partnership with KPMG is a Win-Win for All

With this collaboration, our consulting partner, KPMG, was able to work with an innovative tool that is specifically designed to be a data platform for procurement. This allowed them to make sure their customers succeed with the data framework they have strategized both in short- and long-term.

From a customer perspective, this partnership enabled Norled to get a bespoke solution that addresses its unique organizational challenges and ensures it'll achieve success in the future.

As a lean SaaS company, Ignite lacked the capacity to conduct in-depth customer research and offer tailored assistance. Partnering with KPMG filled this gap and provided us with best practices and the consulting expertise we needed to improve the offering and deliver unparalleled success to the customer.


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“To work strategically with procurement a precondition is to gain control over suppliers and spend.”

– Ruth Silje Nedrebø, Purchasing Manager


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