From Static Reports to Dynamic Insights

How a prominent automotive supplier turned siloed data into actionable intelligence 


Arndt Romer

"We are astonished by the speed of implementation of the solution and the support provided by the Ignite Procurement team. We now have the numbers we can trust on our fingertips to make our reporting efficient, insightful and our decision-making powerful and data driven."

Arndt Romer - Head of Purchasing Controlling

SEG Automotive

Company name

SEG Automotive


Manufacturing - Automotive

Company size

7,000 employees


Stuttgart, Germany

A leading global automotive supplier, operating across 14 countries worldwide and with $1.7 Billion in annual revenue, knew it needed a single source of truth for its procurement teams to  quickly uncover the insights they needed to scale.


Improved reporting

By seamlessly consolidating multi-source data and automating analytics

Enhanced foundation for
decision making 

With insights that are dynamic, reliable, in real-time, and actionable

A single source
of truth

With multi-source and democratized data accessible through a single platform

The Challenge

SEG Automotive had a resourceful procurement team with well-defined KPIs aligned to its objectives. Despite having a clear reporting process in place, the company faced numerous issues that made the process inefficient and time-consuming.

SEG Automotive knew it needed to improve its procurement reporting and controlling to make insight-driven business decisions.

The company created a massive volume of data, but soaring operational cost and time barriers hindered them from exploiting it in real-time and at scale. Some of the key challenges the company faced were:

  • Data largely scattered across systems: from ERPs to Excel sheets, making it difficult to manually link it and make informed, insight-driven decisions
  • No single source of truth for category teams to find the insights they needed
  • Manual and inefficient report creation and analysis process
  • Data latency and lack of ability to slice and dice it

Hence, SEG Automotive turned to Ignite Procurement to improve its reporting, controlling, and operational efficiency and build a competitive advantage.

The Solution

Procurement teams constantly strive towards savings and performance targets; hence, performance reporting is imperative to their success. But imagine a procurement reporting and controlling framework that can drive data-driven decision-making? That was the task before Ignite.

To provide a comprehensive solution to this problem, Ignite focused on three key goals:

  • make performance reporting accessible, proactive, and agile,
  • automate manual processes to address efficiency issues, and
  • Utilize connected data to identify and support realization of opportunities. 

To achieve these goals, Ignite and SEG Automotive took the following steps:

  • Implement a tailored and well-executed process to consolidate data from multiple sources
  • Cater a data transformation process through cleaning and enriching data in Ignite
  • Provide visually compelling dashboards to present data
  • Embed advanced analytics, insights, and negotiation packs to support dynamic decision making and highlight risks well in time

The Results

Implementing Ignite Procurement solution replaced the manual dashboard creation process with online, interactive dashboards. Additional features like self-service analytics tools with drill-down and click-of-a-button analysis helped SEG Automotive enjoy the following benefits:

  • Improved data management, data quality, and reporting
  • Significant time freed up to focus on value-creating tasks for controlling
  • Category team with deeper and integrated insights on opportunities & risks
  • Agile and proactive procurement performance management 

Perhaps with the performance of this new procurement ecosystem, the company collaborated with Ignite to explore Ignite's Procurement Innovation project that focuses on how data science and third party data can be leveraged for more advanced analytics and deeper insights. ​

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