Template: Supplier Assessment

Use this template to help measure and evaluate supplier informaiton internally in your organization.

Supplier Assessment Template

Who'll benefit from this template?

If you're a procurement professional managing multiple suppliers and want to have a concrete supplier performance evaluation plan to have accountability and justification for continuing supplier relationships in the future. In that case, this template is exactly for you.

How can this Supplier Assessment template help you evaluate the overall performance of your suppliers?

Most companies use a formal supplier evaluation and qualification process to select suppliers and maintain long-term partnerships. But the entire process might seem difficult if you don't know how to assess your suppliers or lack the skills needed to conduct it.

To help you overcome this barrier, we have created a supplier assessment template that you can use to conduct meaningful evaluations.

Use this template to evaluate the overall performance of suppliers you want to or are already working with. Include all information you need in the questionnaire. Then assign a rating (1-5) for each question. This template then auto-populates and charts these ratings across all the assessment results to help you visualize:

  • Performance indicator rating for a selected supplier against other suppliers (in spider charts)
  • Average rating by performance indicator
  • Total average rating by a supplier
  • Total average rating by year

This template thus equips you with a harmonized approach to assess, manage, and communicate with your suppliers. This, in turn, helps you identify efficiencies, realize cost savings and productivity benefits, and set the stage for procurement innovation.

Fill the form above to:

  • Follow a systematic approach to supplier assessment
  • Be transparent and communicative with your suppliers
  • Ask the questions that can drive performance
  • Get a clear picture of supplier compliance
  • Systemically gather supplier data

Download the Supplier Assessment template to ignite your business goals.