Template: Supplier Self-Evaluation Questionnaire

Get a head start on your Åpenhetsloven compliance 

Find out what you need to know about your supply chain. By using this template, your company and procurement department can:

  • Ensure compliance with Åpenhetsloven
  • Identify and address any potential human rights abuses in your supply chain
  • Promote transparency and accountability among your suppliers
  • Foster a culture of ethical and responsible business practices

Get a head start on your Åpenhetsloven compliance

See your supplier base in a new light

Are you concerned about the ethics and practices of your suppliers?

Do you want to collect information about your supplier's business practices, environmental policies, labor rights, and anti-corruption measures?

Imagine being able to confidently ensure that your suppliers are operating ethically and responsibly, in compliance with Åpenhetsloven.

With our Supplier Self-Evaluation Template, you can do just that.

As a company, it's crucial to ensure that your suppliers operate ethically and responsibly. The Transparency Act requires companies to prevent human rights abuses and promote transparency in their supply chains. Our template questionnaire is designed to help you meet these requirements.

Don't wait any longer. Download our template questionnaire now and take the first step toward a more transparent and ethical supply chain!