Quickly Uncover Millions in Hidden Procurement Savings


  • Identify items and suppliers most affected with price increase
  • Bundle spend with the most competitive suppliers
  • Improve working capital 
  • Reduce transactional cost
  • Improve maverick and contracted spend
  • Control tail spend
  • Deploy fact-based best-practice supplier negotiation packages

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Maximize your procurement savings with Ignite


Pinpoint best savings opportunities for procurement


Pinpoint best savings opportunities 

Specialized dashboards pinpointing where to focus your efforts, e.g. products and suppliers with increasing prices. 

Enable efficient realization for procurement


Enable efficient realization

Use negotiation packages, contract coverage tracking, and other tools to help you realize procurement savings

Empower and engage your team for procurement


Empower and engage your team

Empower your team by making the information needed to find and realize the best opportunities available at their fingertips.

Improve your working capital

Compare supplier payment terms across regions or within a category. Identify suppliers with sub-optimal payment terms, and request longer payment terms to improve working capital.

How can I improve working capital through longer payment terms

Bundle spend with the most competitive suppliers

Consolidate your spend with fewer suppliers so you can negotiate a significant reduction in cost. 

Can I improve terms by bundling my spend with fewer suppliers

Improve maverick and contracted spend

Connect contracts to spend to identify and address 'rouge' purchasing, negotiate standardized terms in a contract, or shift spend to alternative suppliers with a contract.


How can I increase contract coverage in my category

Reduce transaction costs

Reduce the number of invoices you receive from suppliers and save thousands of dollars by cutting the cost of processing invoices. 

How can I reduce operational transactional P2P costs


Here are the most frequent questions we get:

Why should my company use Ignite to enable savings opportunities? 


It's simple. Ignite helps your company identify where it can save money, so you can make the most of your budget—and stay in control of your company.

How does it work?

Ignite helps you get answers to 5 key questions: For what product / services are prices increasing? Do you have too many suppliers per product / category? Are terms consistent across departments, BUs, regions, plant, etc.? Could you negotiate better terms with this supplier / for these product and services?

And then it makes it easy for you to incorporate these changes as a way of work and not a one-off exercise to help you reap the benefits for years to come.

What makes Ignite different?

We're glad you asked!

At Ignite, we help you identify and enable savings in a way that is long-lasting and sustainable.

One of the primary focuses of any procurement professional is to identify and enable saving – but a lack of capacity / time often makes it difficult to succeed.

To consistently identify and enable savings it is critical to incorporate it as a way of work - not as a one-off exercise. Ignite helps you incorporate these changes as a way of work and not a one-off exercise to help you reap the benefits for years to come.

"Our data quality is too poor" or "We don't have a data warehouse". Can Ignite still help our company?


Even if your company lacks a data warehouse or has low-quality data, we can bring all of your data into one place and transform it to make it more usable for you. Just send us a sample of the data you have, and we'll tell you how best to use Ignite.

Is Ignite secure?

Our responsibility to protect the data of our customers is a heavy one, and we take it seriously. When you entrust your spend data to Ignite, you can be assured of our commitment to safeguarding your information and meeting the highest levels of security.

Ignite is GDPR compliant, and our server and data permissions are managed through IAM solutions. Our data in databases are encrypted using the 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES-256). These data keys are themselves encrypted using a key stored in a secure keystore, and changed regularly.

Ignite also has a host and network-based Intrusion Detection System (IDS) that scans for viruses, malware, vulnerabilities etc on all our static assets (generated and uploaded) on several levels and provides threat detection for intrusions, and malware, spyware, and command-and-control attacks on our network.

In addition, Ignite secures and ensures the reliability of our external-facing resources including websites, APIs, and applications. Our CDN service provides DDoS protection, rate limiting, API protection and Web Application Firewall (WAF) to protect and secure Internet properties against denial-of service attacks, customer data breaches, and abusive bots.

Meet Ignite Procurement  

An advanced yet simple spend management solution that gives you the power of correct and holistic data and the right kind of visibility that empowers meritocratic decision-making. This way, you not only save money and avoid risk but also make smarter choices and drive value across your organization.

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What our customers say

Krzysztof Brzozowski - AutoStore

“By displaying data in charts, graphs, and dashboards, Ignite gave us the power to interact with our data. With the amalgamation of improved visibility and easy-to-use analytics, we got the numbers we needed for selecting and conducting fact-based savings projects.”

– Krzysztof Brzozowski, Purchasing Manager


“We are astonished by the speed of implementation of the solution and the support provided by the Ignite Procurement team. We now have the numbers we can trust on our fingertips to make our reporting efficient, insightful and our decision-making powerful and data driven.”

– Arndt Romer, Head of Purchasing Controlling

Norled image

“To work strategically with procurement a precondition is to gain control over suppliers and spend.”

– Ruth Silje Nedrebø, Purchasing Manager

Eyvind A G Zetterberg

“Ignite stops the drudgery of maintaining and updating complex data sets. It lets us focus on what we do best - discovering areas for improvement, defining strategies and making data driven decisions. Ignite has helped us meet our compliance obligations, emission-reduction goals, and has dramatically boosted our productivity.”

– Eyvind A. G. Zetterberg, Procurement Head of Analytics and Business Development

Ready to save money and grow your business

Ready to increase payment terms and improve cash flow, reduce your supplier base and eliminate maverick spend, increase invoice bundling without the need for additional infrastructure, and reduce total invoice transaction costs?

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