How to Achieve Spend Transparency in Complex Organizations

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Many companies lack the spend overview and visibility needed for data-driven and rational decision making. Limited spend transparency is particularly the case in complex organizations. The complexity is often characterized by multiple and differing business units, in addition to numerous, non-synchronized ERP solutions and data systems.

For such organizations, consolidating and harmonizing procurement data across is vital for driving fact-based decisions. A spend management solution, functioning as a single source of truth, provides procurement and business stakeholders with all the right data at the right time.

This webinar will cover:

  • Key challenges in achieving spend transparency and visibility – and why it matters
  • Case example: How AF Gruppen ASA has tackled a complex group structure to gain a full spend overview
  • A live demo of how Ignite Procurement facilitates spend transparency

This webinar is suitable for professionals in procurement, finance, strategy, business development, and others with an interest in the topic.


Børge Langedal

Børge Langedal

Chief Revenue Officer

Ragnar Furru

Ragnar Furru

Vice President Procurement

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