Setting Procurement Up for Success in 2021

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Most companies put a considerable amount of time and resources into "closing their books" at the start of a new year. During this period, procurement also plays a vital part before directing their efforts to plan strategic initiatives for the coming months. For procurement, it all comes down to driving value in cost and beyond.

As procurement works in the front line of the battle, their decisions can have a crucial impact on the balance of a company's costs, risks, and competitive advantages. But to succeed, they need to strategize, plan, and execute their initiatives adequately.

This webinar will cover:

  • How to plan and prioritize your procurement initiatives
  • Common challenges that prevent you from successfully executing your initiatives - and how to overcome these
  • A live demo of how Ignite Procurement supports your strategic procurement initiatives

This webinar is suitable for professionals in procurement, finance, strategy, business development, and others with an interest in the topic.


Frank Willie Bødal

Frank Willie Bødal

Revenue Operations Manager

Kjetil Marius Istad

Kjetil Marius Istad

VP Sales

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