Vaccinating Pharma Procurement With Analytics

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Book your seat for the webinar where world-class procurement experts reveal how our procurement analytics solution can give you a secret weapon to drive change, mitigate risks, and capture value.

This webinar is for procurement professionals, pharma leaders, and, yes, the c-suite to understand and find solutions to the pharma procurement functions' challenges.

The webinar covers:

  • The pre-pandemic era of aggressive competition and cost-cutting in pharma.
  • The Covid-19 pandemic and subsequent disruptions, and how procurement analytics helped CPOs in getting the insights they needed to overcome these challenges.
  • Future trends in pharma procurement including a comprehensive explanation of how Ignite Procurement
  • Analytics solution can help pharma companies tackle their most common procurement challenges and yield benefits in the years ahead.

The pandemic has underscored the need for transparency and innovation in pharma procurement:

2020 has been a transformational year for all industries. The COVID-19 pandemic, as with every other sector, has spurred new directions and challenges even for the pharmaceutical industry. It has forced pharma companies to reimagine, in all aspects, the way they do business, and procurement is not exempt

From a support function to a strategic and integral part of the business, procurement has come a long way in pharma. Still too often, siloed nature of processes in pharma is cited as a roadblock on the journey to becoming a best-in-class procurement function. Moreover, the pharma industry relies on data but is also increasingly inundated with it. So, for pharma, the stakes are much higher than for any other sector to leverage the right technology, draw insights from this data, and gain massive cost and risk management advantages.


Børge Langedal

Børge Langedal

Chief Revenue Officer

Kjetil Marius Istad

Kjetil Marius Istad

VP Sales

Erland Skogli

Erland Skogli

Partner, Menon Economics

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