From Data to Dollars With Ease: Ignite Procurement Webinar

From Data to Dollars With Ease: Ignite Procurement Webinar


A webinar to help you understand your procurement data and unleash the value locked in it.

There is a lot of data out there. And procurement produces tons of it every day. Despite having access to more information than ever before, leaders have a hard time figuring out how to monetize this information and maximize profits. 

Why? Because having a lot of data does not make an organization rich in insight. 

If you are interested in truly understanding your data, tackling data quality issues, and unleashing the value locked in it, this webinar walks you through how to do exactly that.

In this webinar, procurement expert, Børge Langedal, will walk you through a full-fledged demo of Ignite Procurement to show you:

  • How to sail through information abundance and turn insights into tangible business value
  • Use cases examples of most common procurement challenges (including data-quality issues) and how to overcome them
  • A live Q & A session

This webinar is suitable for professionals in procurement, finance, strategy, business development, and others with an interest in the topic.

PS. This will be a live webinar with no recording made available after.

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Børge Langedal

Børge Langedal

Chief Revenue Officer

+47 992 38 391 Linkedin

Børge is the co-founder and CRO at Ignite Procurement and a former BCG consultant. He has extensive procurement experience and in-depth knowledge of our spend management solutions to create business value and deliver insights that challenge conventional wisdom. 

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