How to Unify Procurement Data in Days, Not Months—Without Coding or IT Support 


This whitepaper will show you how to gain visibility into your procurement data, gain control over it quickly, and use it to identify savings opportunities, risks and ways to improve efficiency of your procurement team. 

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Create one source of truth for procurement data

The ability to unify procurement data across the enterprise is crucial for making procurement easier, better, and more efficient. But it can be challenging for organizations to achieve this goal because of the time and effort required to collect and organize all the data.

This whitepaper describes how you can use technology to make it easier to collect, organize and unify procurement data in days—not months.

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Table of content:

  • Achieving spend visibility: benefits and barriers

  • Why companies lack visibility

  • Modern data platform enabled big-picture spend visibility overview

  • What are the major components of Ignite big-picture spend visibility

  • How does the data consolidation process with Ignite look like?

  • Holistic data management

  • Build or validate your supplier master

  • Build or expand your spend cube

  • Structured but manual data management full of errors: How Ignite can help

  • Repetitive data management and continuous improvement

Download your free copy now!

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